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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dear Lord,

It is a bad day for me today. I need you to move on in life. I met my kids today, relationship issues, as much as i could have guessed. I really want to stand by them, I dono how. All the books and things I have learnt, God I donno how to use them. :( I felt useless.
Well reflecting on your word today I recalled your gospel today when you talked about loving & honouring your father and mother. Well sometimes i just wish to run to my parents & hide under their shelter & not bother about all the problems in the world, but I know i cannot coz I am no more that little girl as much as they still call me "tiny". I missed the times i got someone to "manja" to and someone to hug whenever I am down.
I miss the physical you Lord.

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