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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear God ,

Whao ! After a long day, I finally got to sit my butt down to chill & reflect. Well I would say being sick is no fun. My heart hurts & though fever has subsided but i feel breathless still. Guess it is just me. TLC i need, rest too i must.
Well guess I enjoy being lead by the spirit to do things. Was bathing just now and felt prompted to buy an ice cream "cake" from downstairs my block for Colin. Little did I know that little boy didn't get to have a proper cake too. Rushed to get him a cake & hoped he enjoyed the cake. Sang a little song for him at his doorstep. Now sitting at home.
Thank you for being there for me ... not letting me collapse.


Happy birthday Colin !
I guess it has been really great knowing you since young. but nothing beats seeing you grow throughout this 2 years. Seeing you serve in TOL & your effort you continuously take to come for session despite NPCC ends late on friday. On this very day, I pray that God will shower his blessings on you & continue to lead you as your journey through Life. Knowing Poly is gonna be a new life but I do hope your passion and love for TOL and Drama will never fade but grow stronger with every single day. Can't wait to see your new look !

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