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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear God

Took a Quiet walk with YOU just now , though short but I tot to myself what do i really want for this season of lent.
As much as almsgiving and fasting will take place, I would like to have a Deeper faith journey with U. I guess I am been boiled down by all the emotional problems that I have tried to wallow in them , trying to solve them on my own that I forgot to leave it to U. Well I guess i have came to realize that leaning on your own strength will just tire you out, but trusting and surrendering to him will not only bring you happiness but also a closer journey with him.
Well I guess it is just like in a relationship , if the girlfriend and boyfriend doesn't communicate, they will not be able to journey together and grow in the same direction. In the very same way, if prayer with you stops, honestly , i feel very lost without a direction, as I do not know where he wants me to go and grow. I realise I am a person who doesn't bear must unhappiness in me, I let it go once the night comes n i sleep over it. Whatever pain and hurt I feel, I surrender it to god, but at the same time I feel there is no point in bearing all these pain in you coz it will just make u feel upset. Ironically , it may hurt and u will not be able to easily forget the things being done to you , but letting Go is the 1st step to total surrendering to God & letting him decide your future for you. And yes indeed, I would surrender to God , forget & forgive people or unhappy things that happen. Coz that is ME ---> your little princess ERICA
PS: the best time I had these few days was the time I spend at mass , on friday & sunday morning 7am

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