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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear God,

Sitting on my bed , just remembering the day that has past or about to pass.
It is funny how trusting in you can be the best thing & u sure know how to spice up my life.
By the time I got to heartland it was almost 6+ and the sun was super de duperly hot that I just prayed for someone to be able to pick me. Of coz you nv fail to send me my loving mother to pick me. She drove down to meet me at heartland brought me home to bath & we headed down to AMK. - my whole family is sick, they went see doc today STRESSSSS !!!.

Met my baby God daughter & son, they are growing so big & so cute ! (shouldn't call them baby, wait they get angry ) My aunty was saying they both look like me when I was young - esp the girl. She came and hugged me as usual & I enjoyed getting her attention , can't be help I am always attention seeking from those that I love. She was getting taller , very soon I am sure they can reach my height for " high 5 " that I become too short for them :-( but none the least I would still love them. I was blessed to have them as my god children.

During this lent, I would like to thank you for the blessing you have given me. Some people may find it weird but I guess even the trials given to me are my blessings too & I thank you for it.

Thank you

Todays readings is so cool coz of 1 thing in particular, as i was unsure of todays readings, i sat in the adoration room , I was reading on Jeremiah 26 & people wanting to kill Jeremiah & not repenting when they heard what was proclaim from God through Jeremiah. Similarly todays reading is on Jonah who tried to preach to the people of Nineveh, the hesitated in the beginning but still repented from their evil ways.

Well this is what we are called to do this lent, CONVERSION, REPENTANCE. Big word , difficult? almost impossible? This IS our human faults, each time we always ask God , God I can't do it, it is impossible. Well how often do we stop to hear what God really wants us to do? Do we really want to COMPLAINT about life or do we really want God to guide us? IF there is a sign for us to follow, do we think ours is always the right ways?

In the past 2 months, I guess walking in his path & being his faithful servant has not been easy, times i have struggled, times I fell with on one there to wipe away my tears or wounds, but God has always been there for me. HE has drawn me into a deeper relationship with him and allowed me to understand him & allowed me to fall deeper in love with him. He provided when I was empty, he comforted when I was crying. I will not loose touch of this GOD I love so much. Will you ?

Note: I tot I would not get to see u today, but somehow it was interesting to have you around. Time flies when caught in our little conversations we have, but yet it nv fails to create a warmth within me to always get a chance to share what our faith journey and to know how you have been progressing in life. But as you go on down this path, may God lead you just the same as he is guiding me. Bet it would be more exciting & bumpier than a roller coaster can get.

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