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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DEar God

Last night As I prayed for your love, u send me more than i could ever ask for. 2 little angels met me in the night while today I met with my old friends and drank till my hearts content. They did not speak much about my prob but be there for me. What more can I ask for but my cousin whom I have always respected to come over to my place with my 2 baby nephew and niece. Gosh they are super cute. Their innocence allowed me to reflect more on your love and your call to be little children for U. My cousin was there to chat about Life with me. I envy his wife, someone who is doted by him so much, loved by him and at the same time give her surprises that she doesn't ask for. I recall one thing most about my cousin which daniel ever said before. If truly love someone , u wouldn't mind to be a clown in front of everyone just to put a smile on his or her face. I know someone did that for me, I seriously feel much better after that.

REached home early in the morning for 3 days, tired physically, but I am much better and comforted by my angel.

Thank you God

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