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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear God

I was so tired & sick today that I just crashed in bed and nursing my fever this afternoon . Woke up finish lunch , do a little work and went back to sleep. My mind is still swirling with the thoughts of yesterday.

In the night, all I wanted was to study but had a fight with him yesterday , was hurt also by his insensitivity. It cut me deeper than I ever had before. I really dono how to think, how to feel, how to react to things around me. All i really want now is nothing else but your love to be able to embrace all the pain I am going through. I cried for a good whole 1 hour travelling aimlessly in my car, when I tot of going to adoration at CSC.

U send me 2 little angels to be by me. I enjoyed their company and their love they have showered on me. I nearly died when the macs lights blew and hit just 2 - 3 cm away from me. It was so heng that I didn't choose to sit back where I was. The glass broke, bulb shatter, gosh I would really have lost my life if the glass came crashing on my head. The whole mac turned to look at me. Glass pieces were all over me, right and left. A moment to remember.

Thank you for taking care of me my dearest God

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