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Friday, February 05, 2010


Nowadays i find great joy in attending mass alone. I used to fear the loneliness and strange alone feeling when I attend mass, but I guess now i truly appreciate the presence of the mass & I know who I am there for. During mass yesterday , the word that kept ringing in my head was Courage.

Courage is not just to stand up to what is right but also to allow God's grace to fortify us when we meet adversity. Are you too allowing God's grace to fortify you? Just like in the life of St Agatha, who takes courage in God & never fails to see God in her adversity of life. Although we ain't any saint ain't no super hero, we can't change / save the whole world, But I do know in God's grace, he will give us the courage to love the world (and I mean starting with our small world around us).

In TOL we also talked about the Fortitude, with courage, we overcome our fear and take up our crosses & follow him. We are able to stand up for what is right in the sight of God even in accepting rejections, verbal abuse, physical harm or even unto death.

Today at TOL, Ally asked me how was my week, I just instantly tell her OK! within the course of the week , a sense of peace came over me guess it was when I was preparing for Session for TOL that I felt God was tell me, " Trust Me ! " I walked through this week with him by my side & I just enjoyed the presence of all my love ones & even those I did not see for sometime. I somehow did not know trusting in him would feel so at peace. I am sure this is just the beginning but when adversity sets in (little by little) I am sure it is truly where my faith would be tested to love him or not.

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