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Saturday, February 06, 2010


1 King 3:4 - 13
The Reading today on Solomon was so in sync with what we were teaching about , on Solomon. I was giving example on Wisdom , and how Solomon was a King and was approached by 2 mothers claiming the child belongs to them & caught in a dilemma. He decided to kill the child in order to satisfy the mothers. The one who loved the child gave the child to the "fake" mother. We added on to say, that Solomon, Son of David, was suppose to be asking for all the riches and power but instead ask for wisdom to govern the people (same as todays reading) coz he loved his people.

I was just asking God on thursday to grant me the wisdom to lead these youths , show me what to do & how I may be able to help them & this reading came in just nicely with the reading of today. Now heading to do my assignment, recalled the last assignment I did , when I had someone by my side , though not doing same thing but still the presence was there. This assignment , trust that you God will keep me company.

It was so nice to always see the smile on someone's face when they receive their birthday present. I passed may darlings Daniel & Manfred their early birthday present - don wan to carry it around tomorrow. When I buy present, a few things run through my head, - would they like it ? Does the colour suit them? Would they use it?
Price was never a matter to me as long as I know it was a need to them. You know seeing their eyes lit up when they open the present was the most precious thing to me. I do not need anything else. I know that Daniel has always wanted a watch since last year and Manfred has not been wearing a watch for quite a while & I do hope they likes it & would use it. I remember the last time when I personally got them something was when they were in Sec school. Both of them got a OP bag from me & till today I still see them use it. The expression on their faces really made me feel that the effort I put in to look for their present was all worth it. Hmm they had a TWIN watch (same design)

Message for the feb babies,
Time flies & I am glad that God sent you into my life, to journey with me throughout these years. No matter the ups or downs, you have been there for me - you know it. Thank you for always loving me & keeping me close although now we've all grown up & other things takes priority. On your birthday, I would like to wish you all the best in the years to come & May God continue to lead & guide you and working through you for HIS people.

Christmas Pageant

SJS Rally - Indoor Stadium

After Soccer - My Birthday

Tiffany - Feb Baby Birthday

GK - Feb Baby too
Brothers 4 from BHSU

Manfred - Feb baby too

Nick - Feb Baby

Those were the slim days

Always nice surrounded by you all.

Advent Children Camp

My Memories

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