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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear God,

Sitting on my bed , just remembering the day that has past or about to pass.
It is funny how trusting in you can be the best thing & u sure know how to spice up my life.
By the time I got to heartland it was almost 6+ and the sun was super de duperly hot that I just prayed for someone to be able to pick me. Of coz you nv fail to send me my loving mother to pick me. She drove down to meet me at heartland brought me home to bath & we headed down to AMK. - my whole family is sick, they went see doc today STRESSSSS !!!.

Met my baby God daughter & son, they are growing so big & so cute ! (shouldn't call them baby, wait they get angry ) My aunty was saying they both look like me when I was young - esp the girl. She came and hugged me as usual & I enjoyed getting her attention , can't be help I am always attention seeking from those that I love. She was getting taller , very soon I am sure they can reach my height for " high 5 " that I become too short for them :-( but none the least I would still love them. I was blessed to have them as my god children.

During this lent, I would like to thank you for the blessing you have given me. Some people may find it weird but I guess even the trials given to me are my blessings too & I thank you for it.

Thank you

Todays readings is so cool coz of 1 thing in particular, as i was unsure of todays readings, i sat in the adoration room , I was reading on Jeremiah 26 & people wanting to kill Jeremiah & not repenting when they heard what was proclaim from God through Jeremiah. Similarly todays reading is on Jonah who tried to preach to the people of Nineveh, the hesitated in the beginning but still repented from their evil ways.

Well this is what we are called to do this lent, CONVERSION, REPENTANCE. Big word , difficult? almost impossible? This IS our human faults, each time we always ask God , God I can't do it, it is impossible. Well how often do we stop to hear what God really wants us to do? Do we really want to COMPLAINT about life or do we really want God to guide us? IF there is a sign for us to follow, do we think ours is always the right ways?

In the past 2 months, I guess walking in his path & being his faithful servant has not been easy, times i have struggled, times I fell with on one there to wipe away my tears or wounds, but God has always been there for me. HE has drawn me into a deeper relationship with him and allowed me to understand him & allowed me to fall deeper in love with him. He provided when I was empty, he comforted when I was crying. I will not loose touch of this GOD I love so much. Will you ?

Note: I tot I would not get to see u today, but somehow it was interesting to have you around. Time flies when caught in our little conversations we have, but yet it nv fails to create a warmth within me to always get a chance to share what our faith journey and to know how you have been progressing in life. But as you go on down this path, may God lead you just the same as he is guiding me. Bet it would be more exciting & bumpier than a roller coaster can get.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear God ,

Whao ! After a long day, I finally got to sit my butt down to chill & reflect. Well I would say being sick is no fun. My heart hurts & though fever has subsided but i feel breathless still. Guess it is just me. TLC i need, rest too i must.
Well guess I enjoy being lead by the spirit to do things. Was bathing just now and felt prompted to buy an ice cream "cake" from downstairs my block for Colin. Little did I know that little boy didn't get to have a proper cake too. Rushed to get him a cake & hoped he enjoyed the cake. Sang a little song for him at his doorstep. Now sitting at home.
Thank you for being there for me ... not letting me collapse.


Happy birthday Colin !
I guess it has been really great knowing you since young. but nothing beats seeing you grow throughout this 2 years. Seeing you serve in TOL & your effort you continuously take to come for session despite NPCC ends late on friday. On this very day, I pray that God will shower his blessings on you & continue to lead you as your journey through Life. Knowing Poly is gonna be a new life but I do hope your passion and love for TOL and Drama will never fade but grow stronger with every single day. Can't wait to see your new look !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear God

Took a Quiet walk with YOU just now , though short but I tot to myself what do i really want for this season of lent.
As much as almsgiving and fasting will take place, I would like to have a Deeper faith journey with U. I guess I am been boiled down by all the emotional problems that I have tried to wallow in them , trying to solve them on my own that I forgot to leave it to U. Well I guess i have came to realize that leaning on your own strength will just tire you out, but trusting and surrendering to him will not only bring you happiness but also a closer journey with him.
Well I guess it is just like in a relationship , if the girlfriend and boyfriend doesn't communicate, they will not be able to journey together and grow in the same direction. In the very same way, if prayer with you stops, honestly , i feel very lost without a direction, as I do not know where he wants me to go and grow. I realise I am a person who doesn't bear must unhappiness in me, I let it go once the night comes n i sleep over it. Whatever pain and hurt I feel, I surrender it to god, but at the same time I feel there is no point in bearing all these pain in you coz it will just make u feel upset. Ironically , it may hurt and u will not be able to easily forget the things being done to you , but letting Go is the 1st step to total surrendering to God & letting him decide your future for you. And yes indeed, I would surrender to God , forget & forgive people or unhappy things that happen. Coz that is ME ---> your little princess ERICA
PS: the best time I had these few days was the time I spend at mass , on friday & sunday morning 7am

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY Celebration at my house,
Hwat ar!! Xue ye jing bu! Bu Bu Gao Sheng!
Nian Nian you Yu !
Cai Yuan guang Jing!
Girls in TOL! Fun times together!
3, 2, 1, SMELLLLEE!!!

Carmen & Me ( forever someone whom I can turn to chill & share )

Sparklers are fun!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

"it is when you put your past behind, that you will be able to move on"

Guess things do happen, but during this season of lent I am trying to make a conscious effort to remember HIM in all I do - even to carry the cross with him. In prayer , in fasting, in abstaining. I am glad I met a great friend today whom I missed alot.

Prayer works!
Memories of 2009 came into my mind and how we journeyed together and grow in faith to serve the same God. TOL & I watch forest gump, in he beginning I was kinda sad coz when i pass them worksheets to reflect on, they were reluctant and I tot to myself hours spent typing this reflections and printing has been wasted. :( Later i prayed & tot to myself, this group is who they are, I guess I will accept whatever comes & the bonding time after the movie was also great , guess it beats discussion for a day of celebration.

Fasting helps!
Today is total defense day, obviously you know me, sweet potatoes are not my cup of tea, so I didn't go for it in school. I tot to myself that I would make it a point to spend this 40 days in fast for him (as far as my health can take it) - hey it can be a way to help you diet too *positive thinking*

Abstain from MEAT (whatever that is delicious to us)!!!
Computer games, TV shows, smsing even my favourite drinks, I am trying to make it a point to see how I can restrain myself from all these things. Well guess all this abstaining does help me grow - self control - a fruit of the holy spirit

PS: my arm hurts more and more .... sensitive, fever subsided but at the same time it hurts too. :'( U know sometimes I really wish I could just run to someone to "man jah" with that person, to even get a hug just to take the pain away.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear God,

My arm hurts, and my fever is nv subsiding! I know you will be there by my side looking after me. As I bear this pain I offer up all those who are going through more physical pain than I am. I know u will be there for them just the same as u have been for me.
Thank you

Ur dearest princess

Took a jab yesterday and now running a fever , the whole day. Still dragged myself to school to meet my dearest students. actually more of finish up my work. Finally completed my work.

It was kinda funny, I woke up early around 3 am this morning. Had a nightmare, very scary but my pain was killing me more. Fever was burning my head and I could not sleep. Had an urge to sms you but i refrain. I scared to wake u up. I sat in bed, just thinking of this week & well I guess how God really has his own sense of humour. Well just came back from school wanted to go zzz. but tot of blogging how funny i wanted to sms someone but I didn't and ended up that person was also awake. *jinx u owe me a soda*

Guess I am loosing touch with God
Must spend more time with him
After all I am currently Going through
also prob my arm hurts la, nothing I can do about it , regret taking the H1N1 jab :'(

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DEar God

Last night As I prayed for your love, u send me more than i could ever ask for. 2 little angels met me in the night while today I met with my old friends and drank till my hearts content. They did not speak much about my prob but be there for me. What more can I ask for but my cousin whom I have always respected to come over to my place with my 2 baby nephew and niece. Gosh they are super cute. Their innocence allowed me to reflect more on your love and your call to be little children for U. My cousin was there to chat about Life with me. I envy his wife, someone who is doted by him so much, loved by him and at the same time give her surprises that she doesn't ask for. I recall one thing most about my cousin which daniel ever said before. If truly love someone , u wouldn't mind to be a clown in front of everyone just to put a smile on his or her face. I know someone did that for me, I seriously feel much better after that.

REached home early in the morning for 3 days, tired physically, but I am much better and comforted by my angel.

Thank you God

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear God

I was so tired & sick today that I just crashed in bed and nursing my fever this afternoon . Woke up finish lunch , do a little work and went back to sleep. My mind is still swirling with the thoughts of yesterday.

In the night, all I wanted was to study but had a fight with him yesterday , was hurt also by his insensitivity. It cut me deeper than I ever had before. I really dono how to think, how to feel, how to react to things around me. All i really want now is nothing else but your love to be able to embrace all the pain I am going through. I cried for a good whole 1 hour travelling aimlessly in my car, when I tot of going to adoration at CSC.

U send me 2 little angels to be by me. I enjoyed their company and their love they have showered on me. I nearly died when the macs lights blew and hit just 2 - 3 cm away from me. It was so heng that I didn't choose to sit back where I was. The glass broke, bulb shatter, gosh I would really have lost my life if the glass came crashing on my head. The whole mac turned to look at me. Glass pieces were all over me, right and left. A moment to remember.

Thank you for taking care of me my dearest God

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Fault

Dear God,

Well guess this new year started off real badly. I was with my relatives when they asked me how I was. Further into the conversation they asked about my plans in relationship. I recalled the feeling of despair when I was actually looking for houses - in july etc. now ... guess it was all dashed. Nothing beats the hope of despair from someone you love. Further more when they hear that we are no longer together, all attention turned to me. Questions of Why? how come? you know he is such a good guy! can u imagine how it feel on his pov? aiyo poor guy! u not young alr don be so choosy. you very selfish you know ! U think every guy is gonna be like him after so many years still treat u like an apple of his eye! it is all about him him him , it really made me feel really low, really bad and hurt . from the people I truly love and meet once a year. I am hurt. People who used to pamper me just said things without sensitivity at all.
At the many times i felt hurt i remembered you and the kind of condemnation you had from the people u love n put on a smile on my face and walked away. I had a hell load more than any other years but to me NO amount given to me could cover up the pain and hurt i felt from the ones I love.

That night I took a walk by the ECP beach, it took me by surprise coz I tot of just spending the last few hours at serangoon mac alone with my coffee and me, it was still valentines day, of coz many couples were holding hands walking pass me, [ jealousy creep in ] and as I stood by the sea and watched the waves crashing on the side of the jetty and the shore, I recalled the times I always run to you when i needed some time with you. I remembered always surrendering my problems into the sea. With each waves that comes in, it represents the ups and downs in my life. but with each waves that went out. I will plant my problem and worries on the wave and let it carry out to the far ends of the horizon where u can hear my cry for help. Guess I enjoyed the company that night at the beach a lot, although there were tons of indians around, to be able to share my problems with someone and still be understood and not judged , the moment spent was just "one moment in time"
Thanks for always sending me your angel when I needed one.



Friday, February 12, 2010

Guess the nice time I had today was after work, to be able to eat crispy creams and get to meet someone. Well this time today was fun & exciting as I enjoyed every moment with TOL & though session was kinda dry, I still enjoyed the presence. Looking forward to next week Friday. Gave nick a surprise bday cake when I met him today , missed his bday celebration the day before.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well following & trusting he will make things Good is GREAT!
Today I showed a video I did for School to my Principal, Afraid that he might reject, I prayed before heading down to the office. Showed him what I got but what is more is to show him what I have done. His jaw dropped, he was so pleased and he said, no need to make amendments. YEAH!!!! shiok! Thank you God for being by my side. Guess he did send his army before me, paving the way for me.

wo jia wu ge bao (5 precious babies in my life)

My Mummy is back today, guess i am glad, I actually give up time to spend with it with her. Me being me, I would give up things to go to the ends of the world to get / do something for the ones I love. Well spending time with her was fun, though her driving is still -- alamak, but at least I got driven. I got to see my baby girl too, omg she talks so well now. My my, mummy got a few boxes of crispy creams and we shared it with aunty they all, she ran over hugged me & even ask me how come my hp change (observant little girl) than she climbed onto the chair opening all the boxes and choosing her fav donut. I tell you , she is looking more and more like me, cute (of coz) but more curious and lovable too. She insisted on seeing me down to the car, I let her & hugged her. I guess I always wished my Godma would grow up with me , I wouldn't trade anything for my God children. I love them too much. ---> remembered on sunday, left class half way to go pick my godson up from level too. Held his hand (so small) to find his dad. the least I could do for them. "Godchildren are babies God forgot to give to you"

Though time may pass us by, but our friendship will never fade!
Today is Nick's birthday, to a bit of time when I was on my way home from work to recall the times we had in TOL & working together and till now, the friendship we had & the fun, joy, laughter and even sad & painful times we had together. I guess this friendship we shared was one of the greatest, like any other friendship, there were ups and downs in it but still I treasure this friend a lot. Thank u & as you take this journey in life, may God continue to lead and guide you, giving you the wisdom and courage to carry on his work.

May the Good Lord Bless you !
May the Good Lord Bless you !
May the Good Lord Bless Nick
May the Good Lord Bless you !

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mk 7:14-23

In todays reading, linked to yesterday, I like that way it is put in the bible, I guess a new light to seeing things. There are 2 areas which caught my attention in the passage.
The first one; Nothing that goes in (consumed) can defile a person, but what comes out (actions, words, thoughts) that makes a person defiled.
Defile = REMOVE PURENESS and make unclean or even violate chastity.
When I think about this word used, I went online look up the dictionary (my england not very powderful) The definition made me ponder about why people choose to do things that hurt God.

The second one: Evil intentions, fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice deceit, indecency , envy, slander, pride & folly - all this coming from within a person
These are what prevents a person from being pure. When I think of pureness, innocent, i think of babies. Looking back at myself - when i was a baby or even studying kindergarten. My thoughts, actions and words are just not the same , not that I always go *gaga gugu* or carry a milk bottle running around, but instead I do not need to please anyone and all of the above, probably no where to be seen, al I just needed to be was to be myself & my parents & God would love me just the same. Now, need to work fast and be efficient, to please boss, so that I get my pay on time, study hard so that I can please the society to allow me to get promoted etc.

Many issues i could think of as I reflect on the readings. None the lease do we do what is pleasing to God? Sometimes what is pleasing to God is not what we really want. I guess discerning & hearing his word and loving God, trusting that God knows what is the most pleasing to God.
TOL Group Pic
My support when I need advise or even venting session
Happy Birthday Nick! *hugs*

I tell you , for the 1st time in long time, I like the pic i took with Daniel
So sweet la!!! *hugs* Birthday Boy
You look tired out Paul, rest more & take care

Another Birthday Boy Manfred ! *hugs* u have been such a great friend,
seeing you grow up from boy - man, never let your fire that burns to serve fade out

Natasha & me, sitting outside Carls junior

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dear Lord,

It is a bad day for me today. I need you to move on in life. I met my kids today, relationship issues, as much as i could have guessed. I really want to stand by them, I dono how. All the books and things I have learnt, God I donno how to use them. :( I felt useless.
Well reflecting on your word today I recalled your gospel today when you talked about loving & honouring your father and mother. Well sometimes i just wish to run to my parents & hide under their shelter & not bother about all the problems in the world, but I know i cannot coz I am no more that little girl as much as they still call me "tiny". I missed the times i got someone to "manja" to and someone to hug whenever I am down.
I miss the physical you Lord.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Recognize Me !

Mark 6:53-56

Todays Gospel passage 2 areas of the passage caught my attention and i spend a while thinking and reflecting on it

Firstly "As they were leaving the boat, people immediately recognized him"
It really made me think on how people so easily recognized him? Did he have a signboard / card that reads I am JESUS ? Did he have a paparazzi crew following him & tracking him down? No, but it was his love for the people that made them recognize and remember him in addition his wisdom & knowledge that attracted people all across the world to want to come listen to him. I recall this verse "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" John 10:27 Same with Mother Teresa, she doesn't go around with a card saying I am Mother Teresa, but it was her love for the people that draws attention and motivation for people to be like her. But than again God doesn't judge you by how popular u are, all he wants of us is to serve him in the little ways we can & allow him to dwell in our life. In modern days, with ref to this verse I also remember teaching my class before, in order for you to recognize him , you must also spend time listening to him. Spending time being STILL. A word that Fr kept using in the homily today. I guess the best time to do so is in front of the blessed sacrament. I enjoyed the time being there in solitude & have nothing else bother you but just you and God & let him speak to me. Sometimes, there maybe nothing, but sometimes it hits u like a meteor and you suddenly see light in your problems or even directions he wants u to take. U need to experience this for yourself then you will know what i mean. IT IS GOOD , YOU SHOULD TRY IT!

Secondly, "many who touched him were healed"
As i thought about this verse, it marvels me that God can be so quick to heal as long as we have faith. Even in CSC I use to see people get healed from coming for healing mass (if there is still such as thing coz mass is the highest form , no need for healing mass) Looking at myself , my eczema, I tot to myself, why am I given such a skin prob? Why does every girl on the road I see have the beauty in skin , wearing shorts & their legs have no soars, while I have to wear berms or jeans just to cover up my soars? It sometimes made me feel so bad I would cry at night to even look at myself. Guess I do believe and trust in God that he has a reason for everything. I guess one of the reason is that I make friends who accept me for who I am , not coz of my skin. People who choose to love me, accept this flaw of mine. I do pray every time at mass that I would not have to go through this for much longer but I do know it is in his time & place that I would get healed totally. I trust in him.

Dear God,
The haze is killing me! I am seriously falling even more sick. (longest cough I ever Had)
Today was a bad morning, woke up but didn't feel like getting out of bed. I love to laze in bed (my love ones will know) but none the least , I got change for school & sat in bed (stoning).
Took my medication & milo & heading for the car.
As I drove out of the estate, I started coughing, as though I my lungs were going to pop out,
I gave a hard cough & all my medication came out, yes i vomited while driving *eww*
I could not go to school like this & my clothes were all soiled. I did a u turn & went back home to bath & change.
Me being the me that I am , of coz grumbled all the way home, at home my dad heard my grumbling and started to scold me, I felt lousy as i was already not feeling well, breathless and panting yet instead of helping, my dad vented his frustration on me. (I guess it is my fault again) tears rolled down my cheeks as i wondered where you were at that point in time. But somehow I felt a comfort like an angel come from the back and comforted me. (Telling me it is alright) When the lift arrived, I wipe my tears off & I met my neighbour with 2 kids, they greeted me and their innocence , OMG just made my day! I am glad you are there.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

"Do not be afraid; I will make you fishers of men"

Dear God,
Today has been a wonderful day for me & my love ones. It was the Feb babies birthday. I woke up to go with my dad to church but sat in canteen. Looking at the people passing me by, I started to reflect on todays reading --> read it last night before I slept. Went for Cat Class & then for Mass.

Today's gospel really applied to me. It made me reflect on the times when I was at my life when I have depended on my own strength to want to make things happen, it would always turn out to be a big boo boo! Nowadays I learn to lean not on my own strength but trust in your's to lead and guide me. I recalled many times in making decision, did I think that my ideas were better but it is when i pray and listen to you did you reveal what is the best decision.

When we meet with road blocks in our life do we trust God enough to let him lead & guide us or do we tell him that our ways are better? In making decisions, no matter small or big, do we try to place our decision before God's plan for us?

Simon said in reply,
“Master, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing,
but at your command I will lower the nets.”
Are we just like Simon, do we stop ourselves from new and different ideas or teachings, thinking that we know it all coz we are more experience? Of coz Simon's later action shows us the act of obedience to authority. At times we may have the most fabulous ideas and the most interesting ideas that we think everyone will like, but when the authority says another, do we obey? This reading made me recollect the year that has past & the people I have worked with. Learning to work with some can be a pain but humility is something We all as Christians should learn. In order to lead , one must be humble & obedient to the Lord & the people he put in charge of us. In addition, when you meet disappointment and failures, do you press upon the Lord, like Simon, to hear his word and to receive his command?

Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid, from now on you will be catching men.”
I thought about the kind of people Jesus chooses to be his followers, to spread the Good News. They are not the riches or the riches, they are not the most well liked, but they are people like fisherman who are the lower class citizen and the tax collectors who are the most hated of by the people. He doesn't choose those who have the skill to lead but he chooses those who have the heart for God & the passion to serve His people. I remembers just a couple of days ago at YM meeting I told Fr Aloy I was afraid I do not have the skills to lead the Youth Ministry, but I guess now is where Fr Aloy is answering area of concern.

During communion I was drawn in by this song, HERE I AM LORD. It is very meaningful to me in many ways but each time i sing, I feel your presence beside me holding my hand and leading me through LIFE.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


1 King 3:4 - 13
The Reading today on Solomon was so in sync with what we were teaching about , on Solomon. I was giving example on Wisdom , and how Solomon was a King and was approached by 2 mothers claiming the child belongs to them & caught in a dilemma. He decided to kill the child in order to satisfy the mothers. The one who loved the child gave the child to the "fake" mother. We added on to say, that Solomon, Son of David, was suppose to be asking for all the riches and power but instead ask for wisdom to govern the people (same as todays reading) coz he loved his people.

I was just asking God on thursday to grant me the wisdom to lead these youths , show me what to do & how I may be able to help them & this reading came in just nicely with the reading of today. Now heading to do my assignment, recalled the last assignment I did , when I had someone by my side , though not doing same thing but still the presence was there. This assignment , trust that you God will keep me company.

It was so nice to always see the smile on someone's face when they receive their birthday present. I passed may darlings Daniel & Manfred their early birthday present - don wan to carry it around tomorrow. When I buy present, a few things run through my head, - would they like it ? Does the colour suit them? Would they use it?
Price was never a matter to me as long as I know it was a need to them. You know seeing their eyes lit up when they open the present was the most precious thing to me. I do not need anything else. I know that Daniel has always wanted a watch since last year and Manfred has not been wearing a watch for quite a while & I do hope they likes it & would use it. I remember the last time when I personally got them something was when they were in Sec school. Both of them got a OP bag from me & till today I still see them use it. The expression on their faces really made me feel that the effort I put in to look for their present was all worth it. Hmm they had a TWIN watch (same design)

Message for the feb babies,
Time flies & I am glad that God sent you into my life, to journey with me throughout these years. No matter the ups or downs, you have been there for me - you know it. Thank you for always loving me & keeping me close although now we've all grown up & other things takes priority. On your birthday, I would like to wish you all the best in the years to come & May God continue to lead & guide you and working through you for HIS people.

Christmas Pageant

SJS Rally - Indoor Stadium

After Soccer - My Birthday

Tiffany - Feb Baby Birthday

GK - Feb Baby too
Brothers 4 from BHSU

Manfred - Feb baby too

Nick - Feb Baby

Those were the slim days

Always nice surrounded by you all.

Advent Children Camp

My Memories

Friday, February 05, 2010


Nowadays i find great joy in attending mass alone. I used to fear the loneliness and strange alone feeling when I attend mass, but I guess now i truly appreciate the presence of the mass & I know who I am there for. During mass yesterday , the word that kept ringing in my head was Courage.

Courage is not just to stand up to what is right but also to allow God's grace to fortify us when we meet adversity. Are you too allowing God's grace to fortify you? Just like in the life of St Agatha, who takes courage in God & never fails to see God in her adversity of life. Although we ain't any saint ain't no super hero, we can't change / save the whole world, But I do know in God's grace, he will give us the courage to love the world (and I mean starting with our small world around us).

In TOL we also talked about the Fortitude, with courage, we overcome our fear and take up our crosses & follow him. We are able to stand up for what is right in the sight of God even in accepting rejections, verbal abuse, physical harm or even unto death.

Today at TOL, Ally asked me how was my week, I just instantly tell her OK! within the course of the week , a sense of peace came over me guess it was when I was preparing for Session for TOL that I felt God was tell me, " Trust Me ! " I walked through this week with him by my side & I just enjoyed the presence of all my love ones & even those I did not see for sometime. I somehow did not know trusting in him would feel so at peace. I am sure this is just the beginning but when adversity sets in (little by little) I am sure it is truly where my faith would be tested to love him or not.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Our Ultimate aim in Life is to be a Diamond gleaming brightly for GOD

Lk 2:22-40 Presentation of Jesus at the temple


“Now, Master, you may let your servant go
in peace, according to your word,
for my eyes have seen your salvation,
which you prepared in the sight of all the peoples:
a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and glory for your people Israel.”

reflecting on the actions of Simeon, I actually thought about him and his willingness to surrender to God & let the Spirit of God lead him. Sometimes do you know that it feels good just surrendering to God and let him take the lead. Are you willing to surrender to God & let the Holy Spirit take charge of you ? Below is one example (not the only time of coz) of surrendering to God & let Him make the decision for me. But before all that happen, there was a deep burning feeling to speak the true feelings i have for the youths in this parish. When I have done so, a sense of peace but at the same time nervousness was within me. Peace, coz i feel the YM suppose to know, Nervous coz I dono whether i say wrong or correct thing.

I would like to share a piece of Good news , or maybe to some, bad news with you all. My dear friend Jac (a senior & a person who shares the same passion as me)& me were given a chance to be able to lead our Youth Ministry in IHM for the next 6 months or so. Well felt prompted by the spirit (if that is what it felt like) I said my piece & was actually hoping to hint the leaders in YM who would be taking on this post to really look into the youths growth towards God, and even as a community. However somehow (God has his own sense of humour) I felt I would like to be part of the change which I would like to see in the Youths instead of just being bystanders. I remember someone once told me, don't just sit there and complain but be part of the change, and in the same way be part of the journey towards the growth of the youths. I may not have much experience as some leaders have, but I guess with all the support from the youth ministry leaders we will be able to learn grown & prosper as a community. However, I do hope that the youths in IHM would support us as we lead this ministry where the spirit directs us to go & look forward to working with more people.

Reflecting on the 1st reading & 2 words struck me, Refiners Fire

It is only at the time when you are lowest when u really feel God reaching down to hold you up. Picking you up when no one else in this world can. Touching your heart from within like no one else can. It is when you truly surrender to him that you allow him to do his work , to shape you into the diamond he would want you to be. As youth, as humans, we do have to go though suffering. But it is when you are ready to let go and let god take over your life that God can truly move, and let us not depend on our strength but one God's.

Purify my heart,
let me be as gold and precious silver.
Purify my heart,
let me be as gold, pure gold.

Refiner's fire,
my heart's one desire
is to be holy;
set apart for You, Lord.
I choose to be holy;
set apart for You, my Master,
ready to do Your will.

Purify my heart,
cleanse me from within
and make me holy.
Purify my heart,
cleanse me from my sin, deep within.

(PS: watch video after my blog song)

It was freezing out there , teeth chattering more than smiling
Manchester United
Liverpool - found a surfboard near the toilet

Random pic of my journey to Soccer clubs

Monday, February 01, 2010

Mk 5:1-20

Today's gospel was an eye opener, as I look into the gospel , it made me think of the possess man & how he was attacked by the Legion. I recalled a certain catechists mentioned before that when someone is possess , he is attacked by not one but by many demons. In addition it also made me reflect back on the power of Christ. His power was so great that even demons are afraid of him, villages asked him to leave as they were probably even afraid of the uncertainty ahead if Jesus were to stay on. Jesus can be so powerful but yet he is still so loving to be able to die on the cross for all of us, looking at some of the rich and powerful people in our today's world, how many of them are as loving as him. Then do you really think they are powerful. To me the richest people are those who are able to reach out to people in need, filling them with the love from high above. I recalled this quotation.

"We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love" Mother Teresa

(a picture of a girl helping out her family to earn money by working in the dumpsite in Philippines -Paralang Pantaos, Payatas. Families are unable to send her for education hence even with education the love for her family is still present.)

As much as Jesus is willing to remove all that blocks us from God - even sin , are we ready to be open to God and allow him to work through us for the good of all mankind? Recently my journey with God has revealed many things to me, He too has sent me Angels to walk this journey with me. I recalled a conversation with Sister, she was saying that probably the trials I am going through is a testing ground for me to be able to understand this area of youths better. When you pray for something , e.g. "patience" God can't just give you patience, he puts people around you to allow your patience to be tested.

Today I came back home early, I just wanted to spend time at home with my dad. When I got home, I saw my mum too, it was kinda a pleasant surprise. She wasn't naggy today and instead rather sweet. I was resting on my bed thinking about things when she came in to my room & lay on my bed too. She started talking to me & I somehow wished that this could happen everyday of my life. She used to do that when I was a child. I just thought to myself how lucky I am to have loving parents , they even sent me up and down school, work & cared about my health. Although they do give me $ when I was younger , I treasured the meal times & chat times with them & even simple chinese drama serial together. Time is short with them, I really wished that time could turn back, when I was younger, my dad used to carry me from AMK ave 1 - ave 10 , as I didn't want to dirty my white shoes & dress. I love my Family. Even now, knowing what I am going through , though they may seem unconcern but they do care about me & worry for me, especially each time i lock my room door.

I know that even if my bridge of life collapse on me one day , my family will still be there
Many times we may have our differences but, at the end of the day, we are still FAMILY

The Foundation of Love begins at home !!

"Anyone can be a Father, but not everyone can be my daddy!"

“A Mother holds her children's hands for a while...their hearts forever”

"This picture is one I would treasure the most, giving me the warmth in the cold winter when taking picture & always looking out for me. " - It is a somehow funny why my colleagues always ask me if he was my BF. Well then I would say he is my best friend that God forgot to give.

was looking for pictures of my family when I came across so many lovely pictures of us all !!
Sistine Chapel

During Cat Class today, we were talking about the Fathers love for us & if anyone could love you so much , it is none other than the BIG GUY up there. The old guy on the right is representation of GOD, and reaching out to men on earth .

Love is patient, love is kind.
It is not jealous, it is not pompous,
It is not inflated, it is not rude,
it does not seek its own interests,
it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury,
it does not rejoice over wrongdoing
but rejoices with the truth.
It bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.

1 Corinthians