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Friday, January 08, 2010

"you are the God that healeth me, you are the God my healeth."

today's reading is on healing. Somehow ironically i really need his loving touch & care. I just ran to church(not literally) for mass, hoping just to hear his word. (stupid right?) gosh! have not really been like tat for a long time. Anyways payed attention at mass, trying to keep awake, the sermon on healing really started me thinking. Sad enough i injured my ankle (3X ) yesterday, clumsy & fat me. I am also having cramps due to ....... ahem* but that didn't stop me from wanting to go to church. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks, cough & cold, nv seem to disappear. Well , thats the physical hurt, well emotionally I guess so too. Empty inside me , i do think about the past. But guess the past is the past, let the good times be memories and the bad times be an experience. "Only time can heal all wounds." they say, but to me, "only he can heal my wounds. " Had hiccups along the day but each time I faced it , I felt like a warm hug from the back telling me, "it is alright, I am here my child."

I wanted to call u just now to tell you today at mass some words came to me, Perservance & Our call to vocation as lay people or missionary, I just wanted to say , Jia you! guess things didn't quite turn out that way, I was happy yet in pain as I was talking to you. Sorry if I am lousy, I fail at making you smile, whenever you're sad, cracking jokes, or even sound funny. I am sorry tat I may seem to not know you well. My leg & tummy hurts like mad, no one to rub it for me, dad not around to rub for me, well i think i will just leave it as it is. Sigh ! * hungry *

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