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Friday, January 08, 2010

Today started off bad... like really bad, woke up with a bad headache & tot i could & gonna sleep more to overcome it but the pain still lingers. 8am i woke up , my head is like crashing in on me, sigh it is really pain to even start opening my eyes & even being awake. the next time I woke up 9am sigh! pain still there, guess what! I have a nose that is gonna run away, and a cough that has been perpetually there. This day started off bad I guess & even went to church with Nat to book rooms, she was early. Thanks babe!

YM Youth Alive (book Hall, Canteen, Upper room, Grotto, Sound system room )
Consent form for Passion play out to Sec Level

Rehearsals on saturdays for Passion Play
6 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm
13 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm
20 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm
27 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm

6 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm
13 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm
20 Feb Rehearsal 7:30 pm - 10pm
27 Feb Rehearsal 8:30 am - 6pm

anyways after that I drove to buy my food , near botak joans (dan's place). My family wanted to eat wanton me but when i reached there it was closed down. Have to order char siew rice., Sigh! When I got home my mother started nagging at me, "make sure u go for your dad's birthday, must buy present, don make him angry when i not around etc." guess I am not in the mood right now to hear all these words (though thanks for reminding) Maybe I am not feeling well these few days. Sigh !

Later on went with ally to SP , haha funny how many people I met with her in just 1 day or rather 3 hours
5-6 people .. haha her friends our friends and my friends.
ANyways O lvls coming just wanna wish all of the youths good luck.

Just had a relieve from my gum. Was out shopping with my parents. yeah still with the ankle pain but still shopping away. I was so tired out but anyways my gum just started to hurt. it was not the teeth neither was it external. it was in the nerves and it is killing me. Took Panadol, couldn't cure, than 1 hour and the half later i "hoot" one more Ponstan hoping it would cure but no. Sigh ! I was tossing and flipping on my bed kicking all the toys off the bed due to the pain. It was simply unbearable, I was literally in tears half the time, later I saw a fisherman friend and took one and placed it next to my gum. HEY HEY it worked. just left it there & the pain subsided. ok la better est I need to wake up early for Comissioning mass. BTW thanks for your sweet prayers, it really helped. It really let me know you are always there

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