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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The reading for today reminded me alot of the time I went to watch Paul the Musical. I enjoyed the works & drama part of it and of coz the story. What really struck me the most today was the conversion of Saul. He changed just by Christ appearing to him etc, and he went out to be a witness to everyone in the city. Compared to me, Am I a worthy witness for Christ? Well as I stood reflecting on the readings, I ask myself, I can never be worthy of Christ but I could be a follower of him to imitate his ways. Being in TOL & a Mentor to this group am I a witness to them? Am I helping them witness to others? Am I a good Christian myself to my students under my charge too? I do not know if I am capable of it at all. Somehow I guess this is where I surrender to HIM .

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