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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Priority in life
Who have we placed no. 1 in our life ?
What have we placed no. 1 in our life?

Amidst all this hussel & bussel in life what have we placed as our priority ? is it money? is it our work ? is it our friends ? or is it Jesus ? today's reading slows us down to think our priority & it really made me think about who my no. 1 is & what my no. 1 is too. Through out the yr of 2009 , busy with projects, work , building up my career & friendship that I was kinda lukewarm with God. Only recently I started skewing myself back to God following his word, readings & taking time to listen to my inner self. Guess i can safely say God is my No. 1 , my family (my god daughter & son too), those I love comes after as they are people whom God has placed in my life for a reason , I would nv leave them alone, followed by my student, Juniors & friends. What I placed most important in life now , is my journey with God, my faith & my feeling for people around me. But somehow , the closer walk you have with God the more the the evil one tries its v best to tempt you.
Well what about you ? what is your priority?

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