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Saturday, January 02, 2010

“Optimism is the faith that lead to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope & confidence”

guess after these few days of intensive reflection and closer walk with God, I start to see the many angels that God has placed in front of me to help me walk.

Ally, chatting till 12 midnight, so sweet of you & I really like this close walk with you.

Matt & Josh, random calling me out, just to walk, chill and have fun. – matt no ghost horrow shows….SCARY!

Carmen, though I can be v irritable at times (exam stress) you nv fail to call / buzz me. I love you deep deep girl

Paul, You nv mention anything or wanna touch the topic when I am with you coz you know I am sad, in pain . Thanks for caring and loving me.

Fr Aloy, though there was nothing you know but just having you there puts me at ease. I feel comforted & each time when you are there , you seem to know how I am feeling. (doubt you really know ) but it is a peace I cannot describe.

God puts this angels there to help me walk , stand up & feel his love through the people around me.

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