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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In today's readings, Jesus casts out the devil from the man. And in today's reflection, we are ask to look into our lives, and recognize the "demons" in our own lives, is it Sin of Greed, Lust, anger, Jeaousy , pride , sloth or gluttony? is it an addiction to certain things, people or slavery to any emotions? We not only must recognize them but We must always remember to turn to the Lord to free us from these bondages.

As I thought through the readings I look at the past year in my life, it is not easy journey, it is bumpy, rocky and at times even I feel emotionally low. In these times, he has always kept me close to him , taking care of me and walking each step of the way with me. I can see it from the people who were with me & who stood by me through out these times. HE has certainly sent them to me , it is not by chance & i believe he will always be looking out for me in no matter what situations I am in, Coz he will nv give me a cross too heavy for me to carry . With each fall I encounter & overcome , I grow in faith. Recently, I have been a slave of my emotions but I know he was there by my side fatefully guiding me showing me the path to walk out of it. Whether I am able to get out of it , only He will know & only time can tell.

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