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Friday, January 22, 2010

a friend who is frequently in the company of another

In todays readings, Jesus chooses his 12 disciples, he called them to be his companion and walk with him. In the dictionary a companion is a friend who is frequently in the company of another; "drinking companions" etc it is funny how I have been dwelling on this word for a couple of weeks. I guess in my life I have many friends but only few are great companions - u know who you are. Jesus today calls us to be his companion to walk with him and be by his side to journey in his way. Similar to other times in life, we have always been asked to be companion with another person, someone special, someone whom we love so much. Just like the disciples, we are told to love the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked be the source of light to those who are in darkness and give shelter to those in need & Love your enemies as yourself.

Today has been an adventure for me, close to impossible to express. Lets start with I love my CCA kids, they are ever so cute / adorable. At times when i am sad, i would look at them and they would unknowingly remind me of why i am in this school & career. Well I am stress by the video which I am doing in school in addition an added stress on a friend whom I truly want as a brother / friend is making me feel uncomfortable. Whenever i go home, he would accompany to door, see me here & there. What is even more shocking is that when I told him I MAYBE (not confirm) going for vocation retreat with Sr Angeline & TOL girls he flipped & gave me a earful. KAOZzz!

In the evening I went for evening mass & later had session. 3 new TOL members joined however do hope our wackiness nv scare them away. Greg, Dan & Man came, without them I would have peng san, To me I came to realise this, friendship/family can nv be replaced. 1 can seriously make a difference. All strength of TOL members made this very session very fun ! I do hope so for them too.

After Session we went to hup seng for makan & walked Char the new members back to 109 + (not v near). Along the way I took a route heading to a swing . I sat on the swing scaling high up , I really wish u were there to watch me be by my side , but the adrandeline rush from my head to body was just as good. Just then, I had a gash of sand in my body, Mike kicked sand into my clothes & being sweaty, the sand sticked on my , ewww but this did not stop me from putting a smile on my face. Then continued all the way home with Mike, Colin, Greg, Matt & Charmaine (new member).

I got home to bath change into my home clothes then now getting ready to hit my bed. Well if there is 1 thing i know i have gotten into the habit of , never hit my bed when i get home, go wash up 1st . Good hygiene habit also a lesson learned & nv forgotten. Thanks

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