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Friday, January 01, 2010

"May God let his face shine on you and bless you"

today, I went for mass, Fr Aloy mention on us counting our bless. This day is a time for stock taking. I guess in my reflection for today I will recollect the tons of blessing I have had this year.

  1. A wonderful and unfailing God who is there for me & never love me any lesser
  2. A wonderful family, who nv fail to support me when I am down
  3. 2 Wonderful Godchildren whom God has so lovingly blessed me with.
  4. A group of supporting AV kids in school
  5. Loving colleagues esp. my TAs, Ismail, Taqi & trainers : manuel, crey
  6. for me to get a mac book
  7. for giving me great friends ,Louis, Andrew & Johnboy (Though busy nv fail to check on me)
  8. The chance to know new friends -- SDYD , PC, SFX etc. I will nv forget all that we have gone through for the 1 yr of prep .
  9. For getting what I needed / wanted for Christmas --- Crucifix, HP & jacket
  10. The Chance to once again start studying. -- although I doubt i did well this term :-(
  11. A wonderful external Family of TOL:
  • Carmen who has always been there whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, a loving advice or a "wake up" call.
  • Paul, always loving me so much that it overflows. You nv fail to give me all the help i need & pamper me with the things I want. Too bad work ties both of us down & time is nv on our side. hope as we plan session & work towards 2010 , we have more time to spend with each other planning & chilling out too. Study hard boy
  • Nick, not just an adult adviser but someone who I can be with & seek comfort in all the time. The time shared with you for the past 2 years was the best time i ever had. - from project to fun you are always there to support me. I am so gonna miss you , actually now I am feeling it already .. make sure I am still on your top priority list when u go in.
  • Daniel, Manfred, Greg, Ian : it has been a rocky 2009 but I am sure glad that you all still stick through thick n thin with me. Do hope to have you all by my side for 2010.
  • Charmaine, Matthew, Mel Josh & Jared : All have their strength & weaknesses, but none the least you have all thought me have to love, in a different way & I thank God for letting me love you all so much - unconditional Love . Really glad you guys join coz of me but do hope you all have gained a closer walk with God too. -- don forget to count your own blessings too
  • Ally, Colin, Dunstan & Natasha : always ready to open up to me and share their problems with me
I am sure I have forgotten some but I know that the list will also nv end .. I just wanna say , of all things , The loudest applause goes to Jesus, for without him I would not be here. I am glad I am your little princess.

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