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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MArk 3:1-6

Today's readings for the gospel was talking about god's love has no boundaries, just as he was willing to die on the cross for us. We ourselves could also be like him to love those whom we find hardest to love & go out of the way for those we love. I really miss the times he would embrace me in his tender, loving, care. The arms that was so big that i could snuggle up to him & rest there. Just like Jesus , his love for me is never conditional, he never counted the days he should stop loving me even to this very day.

Well I guess God really has his own sense of humour these few Months , why do i say so? haha just as I was thinking about the life of a missionary , I was faced with 2 people who with no intention or purpose did mention about this to me today. I was talking to Nick & I received a call from Sr Angeline. Well guess it is time of the month where my emotion fly and swing from east to west, thoughts swing from north to south. I tot about a couple of things in my life & well will give myself 1 year to do what i need to do , i will go where he leads me. ( marriage or vocation ?) I will let him do his will .

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