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Monday, January 25, 2010

My New Friends in Kaplan

I am super shag out , finally got time for myself (15 mins) well , work , study, school gosh this week is the hectic week for me, I just came home wash up , getting ready to hit my books. Before that, just read through one more time todays reading & tot about how my life was today ? Have I been Christ to the people around me ? I guess I have , to an extend but no to another. I couldn't find the courage to say what i need to say , afraid it would hurt a friend at the same time , I also no time la, School was a mad rush today. Running from quadrangle in the morning , training my ICC juniors to hall control room , & even relief teaching. I had my hands full the whole day that I could barely stop to eat , let alone think of how I am going to talk to my friend. I know my friends outside had advice me before, guess it maybe getting a bit irritating to hear me vent my frustrations about the incident. OK when I have the time I would do what i need to do. Well but today one thing that caught my attention was HUGS , one of my student went up to someone & huged him, I was looking at them & they just said " cher, I need many hugs a day to grow big ." a phrase sound too familiar but true. I used to say it , i used to get it, i used to give it, but now .............. smiles

A particular phrase caught my attention , "and they all layed hands on the sick , who were recovered. " I have been sneezing, coughing ever since con camp 2009, gosh it is not curing fully, medicine is not curing, eczema is fading but not all, I really wished all these would just fade away. Yesterday I even felt breathless at mass & at night that i seriously tot I would just hyper ventilate & KO ! I took my medication, but it is not helping. Well have you felt so pain in your chest that you just feel like any moment you will just suffer from a heart attack?
Life is short, treasure each moment you have, with the one you love, with those dear to you .

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