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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Funny how I was saying about surrendering and today's reading speaks of the word surrender. Well Jesus ignores his family when they were wanting to speak to him . In singapore that is called RUDE. but Jesus also goes on to explain that the Kingdom up there is not just for his FAMILY but for everyone who does the will of God & in order for us to do the will of God we must surrender. Gosh One hell load of big word . Well thinking back on this word, well I recalled what my cousin said that night at Natalie's birthday. In order for one to take on the road to vocation, it is a big sacrifice, a lot to surrender & a lot of uncertainty . To truly trust in God in order to take on this path. Well not an easy step but I guess I will still be there to support you
Tired for the lessons today. Well school and work do not mix , tough like hell. :( SURRENDER & trust

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