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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Recently an outright cry of help, today i met some of my juniors in church & I experience a sense of lost from them. A lost in direction, a lost in faith , aimless & not sure where they should go. I was chatting with some of them and they raised their concerned. I asked why they reacted in certain ways & how their faith journey with God was, I guess a sense of lost & aimlessness is present within them.

As much as i am dwelling in my hurt and pain, I should now stand up for these kids of mine. No way i am going to let this happen. I dono what a small girl like me can do, but i am sure i can do miracles with God who strengthens me. I love these youths in IHM and I do not want all these few years of building of fellowship , community & friendship to go down.

They have started to loose their faith , wondering why things are happening the way it is as more and more strict rules are impose in church . Whether or not for the better , things are changing and these youths are restricted . As youth leader as much as explanation can be made to them , but without the understanding from the adults, youths are not able to grow as they will always be seen as immature , impulsive, young , rash people.

As I am growing to be like an adult soon , I do not wish to be like these adults are - judgmental, stereotypical and strict. These are youths I have seen through confirmation for years, they are being sucked into the system of society, NS & some even university. They need space to grow, to learn and to be creative , Friendship is No. 1 , hence the community is important. As much as i love to agree we need to know and love God, but it is through our community that we learn about god and love god. To become God loving children & not God fearing. I was brought up in this way in IHM, my 2nd home, to know my community and to be loved by them that i know and love god more and more. It was through their unconditional love for me , each time I fall that i could turn to them for support, that I could come to experience God & to know him more.

Why can't people just give youths a chances and space to be youths ?
Why do they expect them to behave like how their ideal youth should behave and be quick to judge them when things go wrong ? were you not once a youth too ?
why do adults place expectations on youths, and expect them to reach their expectation , giving little / no room for error? Do you not make errors in your life?
It pains me to see all this happening in our church. A supposedly loving community. But now... a mystery.

Dear God,
As all the youths in IHM lay to sleep tonight,
Grant them a peaceful sleep,
Watch over them & cover them with your eagles wings
Shower them with your Love always
& never cease to be by their side watching over them as you are to me.
Let them encounter your love just as much as you have showed me your love.
Take away all their worries & burden for it is only you who knows each and everyone of them through and through.
Let them never to loose faith in you but deepen their faith in you each time they take up the cross & follow you

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