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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does your thinking change your actions?
Do your actions change your thinking ?

a thought of the day , when I was in class I was posted this question , Nothing really much to do so I did some personal reflection & well what would be your answer ?
Well I do hope yours is the same as mine, I say it is both. but most of the time the way we think causes the change in our action. However our actions in the way we do things would also cause our thinking to change. There are a couple of examples which I thought about:

1) Take for example , if the act of abortion was seen as a norm to society therefore it is going to be perceive (thought) as alright for teenagers to undergo abortion , then youths would engage in premarital sex more as their thoughts (abortion is ok) would change the way they act (premarital sex is ok). However when you have friends who have undergone abortion & really testify to the after effects (trauma) she has . Your act of willing to listen would change the way you think about sex before marriage.
However, it really makes me wonder why youths would engage in premarital sex if they know the consequences.
And Why then would people say that they would like a wife that is pure & chaste but still not respect the girlfriend that they have?

2) take for example a child was told since young he was stupid - (like how some of the parents in today's situation always do not knowing how it truly affects them) this child grows to think he is really stupid & whenever he does his exams and fail , he would always think he is stupid as parents would always use it on him , therefore, the instilling of negativity (ACTION) on the child by the parents has caused the THOUGHT of the child to think he was always stupid hence show little or no interest in a subject, therefore the child would always think he is never capable. However if an action - seen / recognized & reinforce by the child - that he is capable of doing well, he would start passing his exams & do well in all areas. ---- this really goes to show how parents & guardians of the young can seriously influence the child.

3) lets take for example, smoking. If a youth is brought up to not like smoking & taught that smoking is not good, he would not like smokers because his THOUGHT tells him that smoking is bad hence and he should not DO. However down the line of his life, he meets friends who smoke (Army, school , poly ,vesity) he tries smoking and it doesn't seem as bad as what he previous belief, NOW his Action (smoking) would change the way he thinks & he would also not mind hanging out with smokers.

Lesson today was long but interesting & now back to my books again ... STUDY !!!

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