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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Class in school was unable to maintain silence & it was impossible for Mr Lee to speak to them, as such I have impose a teaching with them that I would be monitoring their behavior in the lab. For every stick I draw on the board , the class is due for the period of detention. During the detention , I would require them to do reflection & compo of their own. They were punish for 40 mins (5 sticks * 8 mins) As such I made them reflect on a person they respect most & why was it so. I came to realise that these students respect parents which was a commendable. Some of the students repected parents because they spend quality time with them and some even coaching them in their studies. However to my amusment some of the students actually wrote that they repect their parents bacuse they gave them what they WANT and buy things for them and even giving them money. Some even found it hard to write about people whom they respect the most . This was something which I feel sad for the students . It also made me think about what kind of a teacher and parent I would want to be next time to either kids under my charge or a mother to my child.

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