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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1 Samuel 3: 1 - 10, 19 - 20

Reflecting on the story of how God called Samuel & we must always be prepared for we do not know when God is gonna call us. It made me reflect on my call, the call to serve the community of IHM , the youths & a friend to reach out to the youths who are not heard or those heard but not seen or even bothered by people who claim to love them. Thinking on my way home I took a look at how my life journey with God has been. I am stronger with him, I want to turn to HIM for everything just the same as how much I want to turn to my closest friend to share my problems, double my joy and cry on when I need. I try my best to rely on HIS strength to move on & not bother anyone else but I dono if i can. And I know if I am struggling emotionally, I know someone else is too & in fact more then me. Trust me , I know u are coz I can sense it from where I am , hang in there , lean not on your own ability but on his strength.
*ahem*, but something that Nick use to say to me, my calling to vocation - it nv left me to consider too.

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