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Monday, December 28, 2009

Went for mass this evening after meeting with Fr Aloy, and the reading today talks about Fear coming from King Herod. Through out the mass i tot to myself remembering someone once whispered to me when i was scared
"be not afraid! God will nv give you a cross too heavy for you to carry."
-- dono if he still remembers?

Had a great game of badminton. But woke up this afternoon with an injured right leg but I still dragged myself to play. To me, I am in form today "so i tot"
I channelled all my energy to focus on badminton.
I love the games. hmm strangely enough I love the games which I played with Fr Aloy, trashing carmen & josh.. opps. Not coz we trash them (partly mayb) but coz strangely enough, I kinda feel as though Father knows what is troubling me (doubt he knows) & each time he give out this snigger that sends me bursting out into laughter.

Was wondering how you were doing today . It was raining just hoping you kept warm.

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