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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"a pessimist is a man who thinks that a women are bad but an optimistic man hopes that they are"

Just finish a movie with daniel & all those that i love, I honestly see the great times we used to have & i missed it. look at the past photos we had taken tgt.
Somehow things seem to be so comforting , all the young ones that I love came today. I enjoyed their Presence so much. I know I had to be home studying but none the lease I wanted their company more. I stayed till 12 mn then went home.

Well met Fr yesterday regarding some stuff today, I saw a different side of him, not the playful, not the lame but the serious side. but I know it is then he has this side to him, the side that means business. Well somehow I am getting on pretty fine. Was in school today & I simply wanna work my ass off to stop myself from missing u. but I told myself, loving someone is to let him Go. if he returns he is mine to keep if not this is God's little dessert for me throughout our friendship.

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