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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Guess this day has been a rough day for me
went to school to do work wanted to leave early but could not
Had to finish up what I needed to do & in addition think of publicity for TOL
Later on mum & Dad came to pick me home. They were here late but it is ok with me but when I got home had a earful from them & didn't even feel like I am being part of the Family at all.
Felt really sad and lost & they did not send me to Macs for meeting. I took a cab there.
I found out the young darlings are gonna be late.
When they came, I was happy to see all of them. I miss them all the times and fun we had.
Guess time has passed so fast that we hardly realized.
Had a trashing out session at macs but I really found it worth my time coz i really wanna hear what they had to say.

Wanted some quiet time on my own. I wanted to go home but I looked back at the argument today I do not wan to go back at all. Look at the others they are all tired. I donno what to do where to go. I sat at my void deck for about 2 hours before I knew for sure mum & dad were asleep.
But when I opened the door, someone from the inside opened for me. guess who it was?
yeah he was waiting for me to come back. Tot I would get a earful again but not we did not say a thing but he just said, "hi! so late alr go sleep!"

I guess this is what family is all about, we fight, we argue, we share good times , we share the bad times too & at times we do not know why mum and dad wants us to do things but we just do coz we are afraid if we do not do they will scold. But when we grow up we start to realise what they did for us was for our good. At times when even brother is not around, it is the best time I can bond with Dad & Mum coz the attention I get from them is double then when I am with brother. The more I share with Dad & Mum about my problems, the more they know me. My own family is a pure example of the unconditional love.

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