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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"don't try to be outstanding, don't try to be a success, don't try to do pictures for others to look at"

I am dead bored, sitting in front of my com, rushing my work out. the word count never seem to meet 3000 and I am pass my deadline I am upset, pissed & irritated. gosh I am like a walking time bomb. I want to break free! I am just sitting here venting my frustration over my stupid assignment. Bet i'll sure fail this module. I dono how to do at all I have no clue what I am doing with this module. Lost faith in myself, in doing well n i see my dist ... flew out of the window.
But on the sideline this is something I am feeling too - I wan to have you back, I don have the guts to say I don think it is right either, u made the choice, I should respect it. -- I feel so human!

Just saw ur sms, it was not only comforting but warm. Thanks for your support to me. I am grateful for having u.

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