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Friday, May 15, 2009

Went out today the whole day i am out.. gosh broke record.. I have been out since 8 am Went for Sayadi's wedding & enjoyed myself .. the colours matched really well and i like the feel of it.. very morden and good .. Whao today photo taking spree man!! Just got a new D90 and Ismail Taqi n me exploring how to use it.. Found wireless and then later played with it talking to gabriel. I had a lot of fun today when i went rehearsal too. Hey being producer not an easy job .. coordinate alot of things. I so need support from my friends. lights, sound, photography, drama, music, choir, costumes, makeup, props. --> every wondered why I am placed here ? but i know one thing I can and i will overcome it. No matter how tough it is gonna be I know I will Dears pls give me support. I need you all ..my darlings, I miss those times we had but I m happy that you are all back to be there for me n help out

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