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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

just came back from K box
whao tired like hell man!!!
look at the time already

sang all our fav songs tgt and songs which i use to listen while u were here

Ai zhuan jiao
dreaming of you
romeo & juilet
lian ai ping lu
shan hu hai
All my life

each song i remember you our times our fun and everything with you
guess like i use to think to myself
i am surviving on these memories each time i am low ..

when will you be back ?

Monday, October 27, 2008

late at night when all the world is sleeping
i stay up and think of you
and i wish on a star
somewhere you are thinking of me too
coz i'm dreaming of you tonight
till tomorrow i'll be holding you tight
and there's no where in the world i rather be
then here in my room
dreaming about you and me

Good night !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

how are you there
is it cold?
how is everything ?
is food good?
are you eating well ?
do you know that i am thinkin of you here?
when you look at the stars up in the sky do you know i am seeing it too ?
are you warm ?
did you cover blanket?
is everyone taking care of you well?
bet you do not wnt me to ask so many question ?
guess you may not wanna hear from me while you are enjoying yourself .. but i truely wanna know how are you.
i might as well just care for you from afar

pls take care
pls drink alot of water
stay safe
do not talk to people you do not know
and take the right things
do not take raw food
sick pls do not eat so much panadol your live cannot take it
when you tired pls rest
dear .. take care


Saturday, October 25, 2008

camp was great , i enjoyed my self. but it is also a grest time for ereflection and be with myself. I need a break from work n world. Thank you Edwina for the help. I will try my best. Thank you love you !

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Food is something people would view as a substance for one to eat and digest. Something to keep one alive so as to do their daily neccessities and fulfill their job obligations. However in my opinion i would like to say Food to me is a delicacy , something to be taken to enjoy.

What about you , do you eat to live of live to eat?

Remember one of my friend ever told me when i was in the hospital "in order to stay alive one must eat". To me i enjoy every minute of the time with the food i get to eat and taste. From the mere hawker centre food, or Kopitiam to the high class restaurants like Lawryes.

It is honourable to even get a chance to eat. Lets just stop our work for a minute and take alook at the people around us or even the world for that matter. How many children and people out there who needs food but young children or even adults like us waste the food.

It is a food for thought .. it really explains my size now .. been trying not to waste food. So would you do your part?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't be a slave to your daily grind

My mum had just returned home from hong kong and she was so caught up in the day to day stuff that she has hardly had chances to shop, relax or even take a look at the latest style and fashion in Hong Kong.

Thinking back it has already been few years since she has been flying to and fro Hong Kong and Singapore. Time seems to pass us by so fast we can hardly keep track of time. The only thing she could look forward to was her contract renewal , tons of experience and a higher increment if there was to begin with.

I wonder how many of us are like my mum. Some of us pour our hearts and soul into our job often at the expenseof ou leisure , friends, families and health. 12 - 14 hours a day spent on working. It is hardly possible to imagine how much we are really missing.

When i tell people that i meet i work from 8 -5 and my day comprises of more than work many would look at me with the "yeah right " face as though in disbelief.

I often meet up with friends and never fail to ask anyone of them how was their day. Recalling one occassion when i met one of my friend and his reply to me was "I just got home from work"

It was already 10:30pm in the night and i had just finished a game with my friends , dinner with my family and even went out for a shop. On other nights i would occupy myself with other hobbies of mine, PSP, tv or even a stroll at the park. Felt a bit sorry for my friend though .

Well we do need to recharge ourselves admist all our busy schdule especially during weekends.
Having to wake up early and have fun the whole day is the best one can ask for. Its the weekends. Having a healthy work and life balance is something one should always never fail to adopt. Too much of work or leisure is never good. Work Smart, Play hard.

Life's too short to make ourselves a slave to the daily grind

With respect to living life to the fullest how can you my dearest friend do so.
Maybe here are some suggestions which you can adopt.

1stly interacting with people around us more often, from the cleaner lady in school or work to the canteen aunty or even the security guards at your condo or the waitress you meet. Positive interaction boost our moods and temperment.

2ndly, be thankful for the things that go right each day. an if things do not go as it seems like a jam on the road or a hold up while waiting for buses home, take it as a time for your personal reflections

3rdly, persue your passion. Do something you like. follow your heart and do what you think you should do.

Finally some us need to learn to forgive ourselves and others . We all make mistakes, so instead of playing these less-then-positive encounters over and over again in our minds, its best to learn from them and move on. The trick is to focus - on living your life to the fullest making everyday fulfiling rather then harping on the past.

Legendary actor James Dean once said, " Dream as if you live forever, live as if you'll die today."

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Assulted and left him brain damaged.

Reports of a 69 years old hawker assulted by a 53 years old man was sentenced to a two and the half years imprisionment. Mr AH, independent and a swinging bachelor, was seen beaten up by a Mr IM, a bouncer, at a hawker center. Reports that Mr IM suspected Mr AH of bullying his nephew, a fellow hawker.

Many stood around to look at the spectcle but few stopped the fight. Those who tried to stop were knocked down like pinballs.

Scenes of Mr AH being punched and kicked along the corridors to the exit of Bedok Interchange hawker centre. Fighting was never cease as it lead on to the driveway and leading to the carpark. Mr IM did not cease his punches and blows till the custom officers arrived and took him down by force.

Mr AH was left semi - conscious and was rushed to the hospital where he stayed for nearly 3 months. Though he is now discharged. Mr AH is wheelchair bound. Family members took care of him and even his sister had quit her job to take care of him. His brother in law had to take up more jobs in order to place food on the table for the family.

For the rest of his life, Mr AH will be a financial Liability to his family.

With reference to this article, Is this sentence too light ? What are your views?

Is the sentence too light? This question is not up to me to decide but the judge who sentence the perpetraitor. However if a stand has to be made, i would say that the sentence MR IM gets for his act would be way too light.

Defending Lawyer of Mr IM mentioned that he reacted at the "spur of the moment" and did not know what he was doing. However i beg to differ as if one is able to inflict such a pain and injury to someone at the spur of the moment, would be an anger that is kept within one for a period of time?
Taking a step back and thinking of ourseleves. Are we at times like Mr IM ? Reacting on our emotions and shutting our minds to think?

What really causes us to be so angry? Research has shown that anger is casued by 2 possibilities. 1) Frustration : Not getting what we want, especially if we were expecting to get it
2) Feeling that others do not respect us or care how we feel.

Why are people now a days more violent and angry ?
There are many causes that leads people to be more violent and angry nowadays. One can never be able to pinpoint what exactly leads to the cause of anger.

Personal or financial problems could be one of the causes. With the recent happenings in our society, the downfall of the Limon Brothers and many financial Institutions, parents or adults would find it hard to keep their job and frustration built up would lead to violence being potrayed in other ways.

Unsettling memories from the past could be triggers to one being angry. For example, children coming from broken families or families with parents being abusive would leave a scar imprinted in the minds of their young. Children being abandon by their biological parents would also lead to one being angry with their past. Even unhappy childhoods would also lead to anger being built inside of oneself
Media on the other hand plays an important role. At times it fails to bring out the true meaning of life but in turn potrays that anger is the best medicine to cure problems.
With our youths being so IT savvy, many of the information is being abstracted out of the internet. It's an ocean out there and not all sources are reliable and true. Many of the information on the Internet shows that one can take out on someone if they are angry and they would be perfectly fine. Games played like the Grand Theft Auto and Counter Strike, also shows how violence can be at times cool. Especially when no adults is there to guide these young innocent minds.
Friends influences on one also leads to one being violent or angry at different degree. If a Guy is out alone, and someone knocked into him, he would not show as much anger as compared to when he is out with his girlfriend and the girlfriend was being knocked. The degree to which he would show is masculinity would differ.

How and what can we stop such act ?
As the Information and Communication Technology is on the rise, People should use this as a form of communication to many youngs and educate them of the neccessity of being restrainted.
Family can play a part by education their children from young to have self control over their emotions. more time should be spent knowing what their children think as they face different stages in their lives so as to keep up with them and to be a guide for them to follow.
Values are to be brought about to these youngs through the school as the students now a days spend almost 12 hours in school and the best place that one can learn from , apart from home, is none other then their school. Having values in school is not just for everyone to see or for keeping the school in order, but to instill into these young lives that the importance of not being violent.

In view of this above case, people should learn self control and think before one act.
Are you ready to bear the consequences of your actions ?
Having yourself lend up in such a situation because you are just standing up for someone,
Is the source in which you are getting this information from reliable?
What happened to him?
Where did he see such an act?
Did you see it with your own eyes?
Do you have any prove?
Is violence only the best way to resolve the problem?
Lastly do always remember to :
Think before you ACT! Be Wise!
Our Thoughts causes our anger, Expectation determines Frustration.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Let's focus on the "Small Things" in life.

The past few weeks has passed us by just so fast.
Even Singapore hosted the Formular One race just flash us by like the wind.

Our heavy weight financial giants have been falling trumendously.
Stock markets plummeted just as speedily as anyone can imagine.
Queues formed quickly outside the American Insurance Association soon after the announcement of the fall in their big brother American International Group.

Big investors like Warren Buffet and Mr Oei Hong Leong quickly starts to pick up falling shares only to sell them after it rises the following day.

News of Melamined - laced Milk scandel spread like wild fired leaving Singaporeans in a frantic as they thrown away suspected products.

Students taking their exams, burning midnight oil, and parents runing amock stress over childrens exams and the results .

With so many things zooming by us so fast let's remember to always take a step back and take stock of the SMALL THINGS in our lives. Those real things that makes up our inner being. - our friends, our family, our health and faith.

We get so caught up in the BIG things in live that we neglect these Priorities in our lives. Before we know it, children have all grown up, parents all growing old with grey hair they always try to hide and we would soon regret that we did not spend enough time with them.

There was once a boy, he asked his dad, " DAD ! how much are you paid per hour?
and the dad who was astonished at his question replied, "
$ 50 my child!"
two weeks later the boy came back to his dad and passed him $50 He ASked ,
" Can i buy an hour of your time, please?"
He apprently skipped his recess and his meals to save up his allowance to buy time with his father.

I do hope that is not happening in any of your houses . One may think of building up his business and career so badly that he neglects his time with his family. OR another may think of working their ass off to stay in houses along the orchard roads or drive posh cars so as to attract everyones attention.

Author Robert once wrote "enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things."

If you are going through a bad patch in your life than here is what Helen Keller an inspirational Blind, deaf and Dumb said," keep your face to the sunshine , you will not see the shadows"

And for all fellow friends who have tried their best in their exams and even in life but failed, here is something Mary Anne would like to say to you," Courage does not always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end the day saying.... i wil try again tomorrow."

Lets just take a look back at our lives have we really slowed down a little to find time to encourage the people around us? IF you are type who is quick to shoot your mouth off in a less-than-sensitive manner, a gentle turn around would always be worth a try. The would is going through a rough time right now and a less negative attitude could make this world a better place.

As MOther Teresa says, "Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truely endless. "

With this i will leave you with one of my common phrase, " the choice is in your hands, choose your path wisely and walk it down bravely. Don't ever look back for that was the path you chose on your own"

Monday, October 06, 2008

sigh tired really tired out.. burnt i would say 
just now p came in spot check .. sigh me sleepin
badbad cold bad day !! should i go home ? sick man!
i think i should 
yeah time is passing clock is ticking 
omg i dono man! very low coz guess me scared affect my bonus ba.. but i very sick le . but who knows right when i am sick !