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Sunday, October 26, 2008

how are you there
is it cold?
how is everything ?
is food good?
are you eating well ?
do you know that i am thinkin of you here?
when you look at the stars up in the sky do you know i am seeing it too ?
are you warm ?
did you cover blanket?
is everyone taking care of you well?
bet you do not wnt me to ask so many question ?
guess you may not wanna hear from me while you are enjoying yourself .. but i truely wanna know how are you.
i might as well just care for you from afar

pls take care
pls drink alot of water
stay safe
do not talk to people you do not know
and take the right things
do not take raw food
sick pls do not eat so much panadol your live cannot take it
when you tired pls rest
dear .. take care


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