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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Food is something people would view as a substance for one to eat and digest. Something to keep one alive so as to do their daily neccessities and fulfill their job obligations. However in my opinion i would like to say Food to me is a delicacy , something to be taken to enjoy.

What about you , do you eat to live of live to eat?

Remember one of my friend ever told me when i was in the hospital "in order to stay alive one must eat". To me i enjoy every minute of the time with the food i get to eat and taste. From the mere hawker centre food, or Kopitiam to the high class restaurants like Lawryes.

It is honourable to even get a chance to eat. Lets just stop our work for a minute and take alook at the people around us or even the world for that matter. How many children and people out there who needs food but young children or even adults like us waste the food.

It is a food for thought .. it really explains my size now .. been trying not to waste food. So would you do your part?

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