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Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't be a slave to your daily grind

My mum had just returned home from hong kong and she was so caught up in the day to day stuff that she has hardly had chances to shop, relax or even take a look at the latest style and fashion in Hong Kong.

Thinking back it has already been few years since she has been flying to and fro Hong Kong and Singapore. Time seems to pass us by so fast we can hardly keep track of time. The only thing she could look forward to was her contract renewal , tons of experience and a higher increment if there was to begin with.

I wonder how many of us are like my mum. Some of us pour our hearts and soul into our job often at the expenseof ou leisure , friends, families and health. 12 - 14 hours a day spent on working. It is hardly possible to imagine how much we are really missing.

When i tell people that i meet i work from 8 -5 and my day comprises of more than work many would look at me with the "yeah right " face as though in disbelief.

I often meet up with friends and never fail to ask anyone of them how was their day. Recalling one occassion when i met one of my friend and his reply to me was "I just got home from work"

It was already 10:30pm in the night and i had just finished a game with my friends , dinner with my family and even went out for a shop. On other nights i would occupy myself with other hobbies of mine, PSP, tv or even a stroll at the park. Felt a bit sorry for my friend though .

Well we do need to recharge ourselves admist all our busy schdule especially during weekends.
Having to wake up early and have fun the whole day is the best one can ask for. Its the weekends. Having a healthy work and life balance is something one should always never fail to adopt. Too much of work or leisure is never good. Work Smart, Play hard.

Life's too short to make ourselves a slave to the daily grind

With respect to living life to the fullest how can you my dearest friend do so.
Maybe here are some suggestions which you can adopt.

1stly interacting with people around us more often, from the cleaner lady in school or work to the canteen aunty or even the security guards at your condo or the waitress you meet. Positive interaction boost our moods and temperment.

2ndly, be thankful for the things that go right each day. an if things do not go as it seems like a jam on the road or a hold up while waiting for buses home, take it as a time for your personal reflections

3rdly, persue your passion. Do something you like. follow your heart and do what you think you should do.

Finally some us need to learn to forgive ourselves and others . We all make mistakes, so instead of playing these less-then-positive encounters over and over again in our minds, its best to learn from them and move on. The trick is to focus - on living your life to the fullest making everyday fulfiling rather then harping on the past.

Legendary actor James Dean once said, " Dream as if you live forever, live as if you'll die today."

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