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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Glad you feelin better.
Started my thinking this few days,
Took a step back and thought about somethings that happened
Well i guess i am enlightened.

1st things 1st.. don forget i am a wild weed, I cannot be pluck out nor can you destroy me. Only HE has the power to do so.
I will survive through the storm. Coz you know why.. HE is with me.
So Satan and all you people who try to block my vision from HIM .. get behind me.

2nd thing.. I accept your answer to me. Thanks for telling it to me but I have my piece of mind to say so please pardon my longwindedness. I am not asking you to change your answer or decision .

Why do you not dare to tell me all the things they said..?
a) coz it was not your decision . it was instigated by them ?
b) you still care for me that you do not want to tell me. I know you care coz i can feel it
Half the time you act strong to put on a front so people think you are strong.
How can I tell , Sis I read you like a book.

Why are all these people telling me to stay away from you? Who are they? Why is it time and time again people are standing btw us telling us to stay away and pulling us apart? There must be something about us that cannot be separated n that they feel inferior about. Isn't it?
Come on man ! the person ask me stay away from you let you mix with your own group of friends. hmm then shouldnt they too stay away too.. as long as you are older or younger do not mix with them must be your age one you know . (haha lol)

You know that day sitting at the table, they blammed everything unto me
1) you doing bad , grades flung
2) Smoke
3) Drinking
4) Depressed
Was told to stay away from you . coz i am the cause of it. . Girl do you realli think i am the cause of this? your CHOICE my dear CHOICE.

Why are they telling me all these stuff when they barely know me?
A matured adult would not or should i say NEVER say such stuff to a complete stranger without even knowing how he or she feels. Throughout the conversation I can tell that person barely knows us and what went on in our lives and what more about what i went through .
so my question to you .. is the person who talked to me matured? what more your so called youth leader.. !
So that person then trying to get into the good shoes of you ? or your love ones..? or for $$ ?

I know you . i know you listen to people What more you listen to people coz they are of higher authority / status. I dont blame you coz you are young. .. I know you want to get the love care and concern from the people around. You love to be loved but you have to think for yourself. Is this what you really want for yourself ?

Too much to comprehend girl. It is ok . think it through slowly. Giving up doesn't mean you are weak , It means you are strong enough to let go.
I will not give up our friendship never. Sorry guess you failed or your so called friends failed to push me away. BUT i will let you go your path. Will stand from afar and watch you grow.

To end off.. True Love prevails, When all things are wiped away just know that i will be standing there for you .

Love you always

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