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Monday, September 01, 2008

it s the time of the year where educators get a day of rest and day of fun . Well wishes to one and all who takes courage to educate the young and show them the way to life.

Whao what a wonderful TEACHERS DAY i had/ am having man !
Thank you bro for being by my side.
I know you tried you vey best to cheer me up
I appreciate it.
The company was great the time spent was good
Hmm . i cannot ask for more and what more for you to be by my side when i needed someone.
I am so sorry you have to go through all these trouble with me
I didnt mean to bother you so much
Thank you for your company
Seriously , I didnt know what to do if you were not there.
Thanks for all the advices i got from you
YOU ROCK ! Thank you ! Love you !

in 2 days i did things i always wanted to do but i didnt do
Played b ball ABC
Played pool
Just being out with people who appreciate me.

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