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Sunday, September 07, 2008

It has indeed been a wonderful and fun weekend.. omg i think this weekend i had so much fun .. didnt feel this way for a long time
Especially today
Why ?
Hey it is my darling korkor's wedding
Kor! you now are a husband already must learn to ove your family more ok ?
And must always tahan your wife le!
Oh and mei here wish you a wonderful and blissful marriage.
Hey you faster have bb and then i can have another niece already !
This is a letter to you .. not sure if you would ever read it

All these years you have always looked out for me and loved me
from clubbing when you would fetch me home when i just turned 18
walk me up and gave me a earful
but i know you do care for me.
Always watching out for me whenever i am out
From young you played with our neighbours you took care of all of us, you being our big bro
All these i thank you and i will never forget your care for me
The countless sleepless nights you had for me when my comp crash , and chill out night to "lim kopi"
Kor now that you have another person in your life do not forget to love her just as much or even more .. I believe she will be just the right person for you .
You know just now as i see you walk down the aisle with her, my heart was just so happy for you. My KOR finally grown up ready to start a family.
Kor, must be happy k in what ever you do. I wil always love you ..


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