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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Am i ready? Are you ready ? Ready for what ?
Well just now was attending a mass by Fr Luke, 
He is someone whom i would just enjoy listening to his sermons. 
Well he mentioned that many of the people out there are searching 
Searching for who he really is 
The bread and wine we part take at mass is really him 
something really struck me just now while looking straight at the eucharist, 
If cults and devil worshippers pay hundreds of dollars to just get hold of 1 consecrated host , why are people out there still not believing that he is the risen lord. Especially those who just come to church for fun and play and be sunday church goers. 
The things these cults do to the host are beyond imaginations as they believe that he is the one present in the holy eucharist, why are some of us just being worse than them. 
These was something which ran through my head as i was looking at him. I so miss HIM and HIS hugs, his company and his love. 
IT has been a while since i really push aside the hustle and bustle of the world to just be with myself n HIM. 

Well as i end my blog today i just wanna tell all you out there, there is this GOD that loves you alot even if the world abandons you , you still have him . Where is he. take your hand place it on your chest. He is in there .. SEARCH !

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