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Friday, September 26, 2008

alamak today ar.. whao .. caught in the rain .. GOD poured down his blessing on us man !!
hmm anyone got caught in the rain .. hmm yeah it has to be me. hahah !! lucky my baby was not caught in the rain. i tell you i was soaking wet la .. man !! i so do not like the sound of rain when i am all dressed up for school .. haha!! never mind it is ok .. got a bath and now i am fresher to work but still ZZZzzz feel like tt too so comfy ma. legs so clean couch so tempting !!! haha anyone would wanna sleep man !!

hai been working since GOD knows when this morning till now.. resting my butt for a few mins and off i will be with a survey for the sec 5 hmm our oldest boys in school.. hahah!! 

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