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Sunday, August 24, 2008

just hang up the phone with my darling sis.. omg i am so scared. tomolo is exam .. i am not prepared. guess talking to her really made me feel much more better. I realli enjoyed that conversation.. Hmm just pure catching up!!! like we promise weekend is bitching week about anything under the sun!!

Asked her a few things and she still owe me replies for it.. but well I don expect much .. maybe coz I know I have hurt her and left her there on her own. I realli don wish to

Dear sis, I f you ever check my blog just know 1 thing .. the whole conversation just now with you was sincere and i meant every word i said. Sorry if what i did left hurts in your heart. But i realli hope that our friendship is stronger then that to go through more than that.

Love you alot sis.
see you soon

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