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Sunday, August 31, 2008

guess you would read this to know what is going through me right now.


I went to IT show today received an sms to meet for dinner I went
Don expect anything seriously good to turn out.
You brought along 2 people whom i don even know to sit for dinner
you didnt tell me - so much for respecting me
I felt like just turning back on you and walk off through out the dinner, I could but I respected you in front of your friends. DID you , to me?
You said you deleted your blog in my tagboard, you didn't. You lied again AGAIN!
You said you were nicer to me before. Yeah What happen now? 
You left someone unknown to talk to me for what ? you got no courage to talk ? It is seriously none of their problem. Settle it yourself gurl.
You told them i was after you .. please I just ask you if you wanted to continue this sister friendship we had. 
They said you were freaked out. please I just cared for you the same just that you didn't want.

Know what I was told: 

Is this what you want? I will (if you want it... i will) 
I will get out of your sight.
I'll Never to be seen in front of your face.
I'll Never call you. 
You taking it very hard on yourself. (for what ... I never left you. I just change school.)
You drink , you smoke. (for what ... seek attention?  it is your choice)  
Don explode things that are small and easy to be solved.
Guess what ? YOu are baptised and you lied to me about you not getting baptised. Lied Again.

The talk (uncalled for)
1) I just wanted to hear from you not them. (it is none of their business)
2) is that the way how people wanna get you away from me. (it is between you and me not them) - think about it .. all your friends want you to be away from me even teachers. 
3) I see you found your new sister who will share your problems with already. that is the reason you don need me.
4) They told me to let you know/mix Friends of your age. please , Mat and maine are also my friends so how can you explain tt
5) your work slack coz of me . you not performing well coz of me. Why is i my fault ? No one to blame for you poor results so push everything to me ( smart escape.. now i am the scape goat right?)
6) They say you donno how to sort out your emotions. I think you can but you refuse to face your own feelings. hiding behind a MASK and PRIDE in you. Why do you wanna harden your heart to people around you ? 
Just ask yourself:
- Is this what you want? (STAY AWAY from YOU)
- Is this called friendship? 

Why did i ask you what i did coz ....
You sms few days before and say you sad you crying you look through our past .. sorry for all the things tt has happened.
I just called you back and ask you if you still want this friendship to continue.
What is there for freak out? 
(so you didn't even mean what you say)

Seriously think for yourself gurl. Don let other people make decisions you. The CHOICE is in your hands. 

Good bye 
Thank for waking me up.
(I do not use friends and love things , but use things and love your friends, Do you?)

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