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Saturday, July 12, 2008

what is wrong
you want time
you want attention
I try i give what exactly do you want
something missin
yeah prob is that i am not able to be there physically with you anymore
as often as i use to be
you think i want this to happen?
what is wrong with you ?
I sat down and i reflected since the day we got back
was it you or me who has change.
for the pass few days i know clearly it is not me
it is you ba
I tried smsing you keeping you informed of what is happening
call you when i come back from meeting immediately .. talk half way you sleep
I asked you out and pushed away another outing for you , you made me wait whole day no reply no call. God know what happen to you .
and in between when i do not sms you
you do not even sms me back.
may be you have found new friends
friends who can give you the attention you want
I am sorry i cant
but i am trying
why cant you see
why do you expect so much from me ?
I guess this time you realli need to ask yourself what do you want
What is seriously wrong with you .. are you pmsing or anything.
maybe i should have anticipated your demands on me when i left school.
yeah is it all my fault
I am not good enough a sister.
Well i will take my step back from now ba.
You found your friends you are close to go ba.
you need your space and friends who would give you more time and attention than i can go ba
My advice to you nowadays doesnt seem to go in
you have change...
i tried ... gave up things for you time for you and even people who mean loads to me. you left me there ... what is the meaning of this
I call you don pick up . Who is this sister ?

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