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Sunday, July 06, 2008

I dono what is going on
What have been going through your head
You asked for another chance.
I gave to you, you blew it.
If that person was not you i would have walked out
I cared
I loved
I carried you
I watched over you
the happy times, sad times and teary times
I shared all with you

I thought you knew
the things I like
the path I took
the things I hate most
why do you still choose to do?

You are young
You are still growing
but does that give you the chance to do these things ?
It is not about age any more
It is caring about the ones who love you
It is Loving those who mean alot to you

Should i Let go?
Should I Stop?
Should we just go our separate ways?

I thought I left you will grow
I thought you will be a Good girl
People may know I left coz of environmental change
but you of all people should know why I left

You say you will mature
YOu say you will grow
YOu say you will be good
You say you will not do things i Do not like
But Why ?

I wanted a sister
I wanted it badly
I am hurt when thiings turn out this way
I love you but how long more can my love last if hurts overwhelms my deepest soul.
I'll let you go if time permits me so, to care, to love and to grow
Forever you will be my dear but from far I'll watch you here.

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