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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i am leaving this school
i miss you all so much

Sec 1& 2: i may have taught you all a while but this few terms you brought a lot of laughter to me. Fun and even Joy ! I love you all alot. Know 1 thing I cant bear to leave you all. Seriously i will always remember all of you !
The letter i wrote to each class. Is from my heart and i realli enjoy the times we shared

Teachers & staff: Some of you are realli dear to me and i cannot bear to leave you all . Though it maybe my last day but our journey as friends will never be a last Goodbye. Its forever.

Anthony: Brother! though this maybe our last day together but i will never say goodbye to this friendship. There was a time we were cold to each other. I do not want another time of this. No fun ! I like the last few months we shared together. Talking Joking, Laughing just sitting in the same lab doing our own things. I have grown to enjoy every min with you ! Thank you for the times you have stayed by me through bad and good. BAd times you nv fail to cheer me up. Good times you just doubled every moment of it

Sister: The one and only sister in this school. I realli miss you . But like what some people say, If i did not leave you will not grow i will make the big sister decision. All this i do, i do hope you will grow to be a strong girl. Independant. Do not always be sad or even show those sad faces. I'll be watching over you. Though we know each other for less than a year but i do know the things we went through is alot. I do hope that from now on without me, you will learn to walk on your own and care for the people around you . I will always be with you . In my heart.
I have taught you all that i have learnt and stopped you from walking down paths of mistake jie has walked down.
Love your friends: Care for them and be friendly to everyone
Love your Family: They are the ones who need you most and they will always be by your side

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