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Thursday, July 31, 2008

thanks for the lalabye last night ! hmm sorry wanna hear till i sleep ! love you
hey when you free wanna meet up ?
juat buzz me i'm here

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

whao so late i am still up ! I am soon gonna turn into a Bat
Hey have you been taking care of yourself?
How's school?
did Gan disturb you nowadays?
pls take care
love you always
your sis

Sunday, July 27, 2008

PLanning PLanning i'm enjoying this times tgt
Guys! jia you !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bye Josh ! Take care of yourself when you are away ! when winter wear more clothes
i'll take care of sis here for you til you return !!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

what is wrong
you want time
you want attention
I try i give what exactly do you want
something missin
yeah prob is that i am not able to be there physically with you anymore
as often as i use to be
you think i want this to happen?
what is wrong with you ?
I sat down and i reflected since the day we got back
was it you or me who has change.
for the pass few days i know clearly it is not me
it is you ba
I tried smsing you keeping you informed of what is happening
call you when i come back from meeting immediately .. talk half way you sleep
I asked you out and pushed away another outing for you , you made me wait whole day no reply no call. God know what happen to you .
and in between when i do not sms you
you do not even sms me back.
may be you have found new friends
friends who can give you the attention you want
I am sorry i cant
but i am trying
why cant you see
why do you expect so much from me ?
I guess this time you realli need to ask yourself what do you want
What is seriously wrong with you .. are you pmsing or anything.
maybe i should have anticipated your demands on me when i left school.
yeah is it all my fault
I am not good enough a sister.
Well i will take my step back from now ba.
You found your friends you are close to go ba.
you need your space and friends who would give you more time and attention than i can go ba
My advice to you nowadays doesnt seem to go in
you have change...
i tried ... gave up things for you time for you and even people who mean loads to me. you left me there ... what is the meaning of this
I call you don pick up . Who is this sister ?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

You always say you'll carry me on
but when i fall, you stand and watch
love and care , are they for real
all despair, thats what I'll not will
I'm tired, I'm broken
I'm lost, I'm Shattered
Leaving a place so nice to a place so hearten
I'm smiling, I'm happy
but not for the reason
the truth is I'm happy coz i know you will grow
But I am not happy where I am.
Each time people ask a false answer given

Monday, July 07, 2008

hi bro
Great to see you
you came all the way to find me
Thank you for your company
I missed the laughter
I missed the fun
It seems like good times all at once
I truely miss of this

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I dono what is going on
What have been going through your head
You asked for another chance.
I gave to you, you blew it.
If that person was not you i would have walked out
I cared
I loved
I carried you
I watched over you
the happy times, sad times and teary times
I shared all with you

I thought you knew
the things I like
the path I took
the things I hate most
why do you still choose to do?

You are young
You are still growing
but does that give you the chance to do these things ?
It is not about age any more
It is caring about the ones who love you
It is Loving those who mean alot to you

Should i Let go?
Should I Stop?
Should we just go our separate ways?

I thought I left you will grow
I thought you will be a Good girl
People may know I left coz of environmental change
but you of all people should know why I left

You say you will mature
YOu say you will grow
YOu say you will be good
You say you will not do things i Do not like
But Why ?

I wanted a sister
I wanted it badly
I am hurt when thiings turn out this way
I love you but how long more can my love last if hurts overwhelms my deepest soul.
I'll let you go if time permits me so, to care, to love and to grow
Forever you will be my dear but from far I'll watch you here.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

1st day in the new school
everything seems so new everyone seems so unfamiliar! Scared
what is going on ?
will i be able to meet up to the standard of School?

Miss alot of people
Teachers, staff and students
most of all ....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i am leaving this school
i miss you all so much

Sec 1& 2: i may have taught you all a while but this few terms you brought a lot of laughter to me. Fun and even Joy ! I love you all alot. Know 1 thing I cant bear to leave you all. Seriously i will always remember all of you !
The letter i wrote to each class. Is from my heart and i realli enjoy the times we shared

Teachers & staff: Some of you are realli dear to me and i cannot bear to leave you all . Though it maybe my last day but our journey as friends will never be a last Goodbye. Its forever.

Anthony: Brother! though this maybe our last day together but i will never say goodbye to this friendship. There was a time we were cold to each other. I do not want another time of this. No fun ! I like the last few months we shared together. Talking Joking, Laughing just sitting in the same lab doing our own things. I have grown to enjoy every min with you ! Thank you for the times you have stayed by me through bad and good. BAd times you nv fail to cheer me up. Good times you just doubled every moment of it

Sister: The one and only sister in this school. I realli miss you . But like what some people say, If i did not leave you will not grow i will make the big sister decision. All this i do, i do hope you will grow to be a strong girl. Independant. Do not always be sad or even show those sad faces. I'll be watching over you. Though we know each other for less than a year but i do know the things we went through is alot. I do hope that from now on without me, you will learn to walk on your own and care for the people around you . I will always be with you . In my heart.
I have taught you all that i have learnt and stopped you from walking down paths of mistake jie has walked down.
Love your friends: Care for them and be friendly to everyone
Love your Family: They are the ones who need you most and they will always be by your side