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Sunday, February 03, 2008

was a great time i got home around 1am
i tell you i am super exhausted
i dono .. mentalli physically and emotionalli
i could barely move on

today started off badly but things ended realli good
i enjoyed it
so so much

when this day started i woke up late
parents complain why i wake up late
than later reach church mei came super earli
i felt realli bad coz she come and she is going to sit downstairs i know her
and she would say that she don mind
than later on i heard tt there is a meeting
i nearli fainted
omg ! what will she be doing
how is going to spend her time
she not going RCIY
sigh !

later during the meeting i think and think and later she sent me another sms that she at mass
i was like
sigh ! where am i when she needed me
after meeting i just left
i went downstairs
i went into adoration
i just boke down
i dono what to do
what is happening to me
my life, my work, friends and even family
i tot i had it all
i tot i had everything
but now things are changing
my love ones leaving
my dear is busy with school
my sisters are neglected by me
my brothers facing relationship prob
i donoo
i could not do anything
i could not
i just lifted it all up to him
the one i trust most
the one who helped me
i sat ther for 45 mins
just writing and telling him how i felt
i came out saw mei
realli hoped she was alright
hope to see a smile on a face
but i turned its not a smile of hers
i just got sad
well i dono why i was very persistant to ask her to go for tonights event
but just dono the reason
when we went eat at KFC she was busy with her work
my psp died on me
sigh !! i would say bad day
mei said se cant go so i went along myself
when i saw alvin
i dono why i just felt like hugging him and telling him
brother! everything is gonna be alright!
we took a cab but my meis cab got lost haha!!
but at least they are safe
you know when they say they lost my heart stoped lor!
nothing can happen to you al

later went all drench to CJC
found it was an trivasity mass and event
omg !
but had fun coz i have my sister with me
the mass was good
well i know one thing is for suure i had loads of fun with everyone there
went for the PNW
sitting there and thinking
i found the reason
it is the holy spirit who persisted me , the GOd who guided me gave me perserverance to ask mei to come
MEi ! i know you miss your past church alot
you so much want to feel the same way too
i just hope this was somewhat similar
we have praise and workshipbut we also have the EUHARISTIC CELEBRATION --> mass
yesh ! i do love you
i am sorry if i had hurt you today !
i am sorry

to the rest : who were there
i love you all alot
you are my love and i will be there for you
i am sorry caring for you may hurt you all sometimes
but i do love you all and would not want to see you hurt neither do i wan to hurt you !
dears i am there for you
no matter what it is i'll run this race with you
no matter how ahrd it is
i will go on
i will perservere on ! you cant walk i'll carry you pull you
you wanna give up i'll cheer you on
if you need someone to talk to i'm just a call away!

brother i may not have known you as long as i known daniel but i am always there for you
if you need a friend, a ear, a girl to talk to . i know you are going through a lot
but what is meant to hapen will happend!

Josh & MAtthew
hey brothers ! sometimes we squabble some times we argue etc
but well tat is what siblings do
well no matter what i am always there for you both
movies, arcade, anytime anywhere just call and i wll b there
if i do not have clubbing tt night or meetings !!! i will be there!

My brother i'll always be by you
holdyou close and i am there
i know i am not the 1st person you talk to
but well it is alright i guess
you have your preference
but know i am there by you all the time
time flies
soon you will be going into NS
you ask me will i miss you. i will
i will miss you alot
YOu were always there for me
when i needed a listening ear
Cheer me on too when i fell
same way i will b there for you

Charmaine & Tessa
my beloved sisters
you both realli mean alot to me
both of you are the sisters i'll always be there and love you all
(have i toldyou , i always wanted a sister ---> and a sister like you 2)
so ! no matter what you goig through
i will be there for you !
i will hold you close
don ever let go

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