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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

today i started this day with bad headache.
i had a dream ,
ah yi came to me
she said byebye girl
i am going
the light of the sky was so blinding when i woke up
i had headache

when pushing the van off .. i looked into the sky i saw a heart shaped cloud that detached from all othr cloudes and it was like a heart that sade.. i love you / with love from ah yi! i saw it.. so beautiful!
at crematorium, i told myself this statement.
Ah yi! for all you done, i am sending you this journey with a smile
i will watch you go in with a smile! coz i know you will be there watching over al those you hold dear to.
i went home
i couldnt tahan, i think i fell sick, emotional stress wanted to puke.
than later stopped by the roadside get plastic bag and keep it rready for puking.
actually hungry than went home eat and sleep .. better after that

ate porridge, with toufu, omg this is supper nice..
than later wen t to zouk
had fun there
well like i told my kakis what happends in there is in there.
well i just said i had fun with you bros.
drinks, nonsense, fun and joy, omg you nade i had it.. FUN
i celebrate coz i knowshe is up there.. she is watching over me! coz for the release from earthly suffering !!! you rock man Ah yi!

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