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Monday, January 21, 2008

2nd day since ah yi left, i am sad
i am in tears, but i know my mum is more sad than anyone else, i cant cry
i must be strong, for my love ones yes i must be strong
mumy crying she is sad, she is destroyed but i can see this day coming .. a miracle lady who pass through cancer after cancer going through the fires of death and fighting all these sickness to her death.

"i love you so much ah yi! mummy too
you spend so much time with her and she being the 2nd youngest in the family, you love mum alot, and you took care . in the hospital, you always ask for mum when you are sick, i will never forget the times when you were in a coma, i held your hand and said a little prayer for you, i told God to wake you up and so that you will see all your family members and be with them and those whom you treasure most in your lifetime."

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