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Thursday, November 29, 2007

pissed but i am stil pissed
pentium 1 came in
wanna implement this and that
wana hange this and that
omg i feel like taking myshoe throw at him
kill me man
when you have not finish your job
pls go go check it out
how many things you otang me n bro
if god could forgive my sins i would gladly kill him
cant be help he is pentium 1 ma!!
om i think like what josh said replace obselete
i told him
even if replace prob i get scolded by vendor coz inside all corrupted old n rusty dono what goes where
sigh !!!! stop it man!!! stop this nonsence of yours
it is killing me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

well i just reached home
went to send my Charmaine off
omg she was so surprise
which i kinda expected
but well she is so cute lor !
gave her he bear bear and a card
i so miss her lor
mei plscome back faster and safely k
remember drink water when u there
it is summer
i miss u so much

Well guess my 2 closest mei have to have to leave today
1 went camp
the other went australia

mei how is everything at the camp
how are you doing now
is everything alright there
are you kept warm
these few days so cold pls wear jacket
are you safe there
its cold and deserted there
pls keep yourself off harm
don push yourself if you cant do the obstacles

omg i so miss both of you
whydo you both have to choose to leave me on the same same day
miss you both
faster come back k?
love love
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