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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hhahaha.. manageto get some sg food... MACDONALDS

yeah .. well i think i am putting on the weights i have not put on.. on steriods.. on medicine...
went to rundale mall.. donno how to spelll!!!!

well later went to take come fun things
In korkor's Room

How do i Look ?

My Harry Potter !!!

VIctoRY KoR! you got it
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Monday, July 30, 2007

hmm woke up today ... went out to do some shopping .. joshua was wearing his uniform.. will blog it .. you guys will see our grown up joshua boy in his blazer and pants.. like MEN!

Well anwyays .. took a flight to adelaide.. well before i depart.. ordered the wedges oh my it is scary ... alot and i onli ordered small.. ahahah.. i DA BAO it to the plane lor... ahahaha

then later finally met my parents and my family.., my bro and mavis too.. haha.. had dinner.. LAGSANA!

at night i ended up sleeping on the couch.. good place to sleep away form snores of nature
Mavi and ME

My Beloved and ME

I lov you mum and Dad

No One around!!! lonely
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whao.. just took the plane and landed in the PERTH airport... the weatheroutside is cooling and fun ... it was so nice to see joshua once again!! hmm well took the same plane with some of the WWE fighters... oh my they are 2x my height 2x my weight... talking about onli the girls... oh my mummy scary big guys

Well met my childhood neighbour on the plane too.. hmm luckily i am not the only one on the plane.. not so boring man!!! welll then joshua's dad came to pick me up.. was kinda shock when i saw his mum... hahaha... she looks so young.. not kidding.. than told josh .. he was like laughing his guts out...

later went to frementle... oh my didnt buy much just had fun .. ahahaha than Sandre jie come to pick us up.. oh my so long nv see jie.. ALEX came to.. it was so fun and i had a great time.. out there.. PIZZA PARTY !!! we ate.. 4 diff kinds of pizza... hawaiian , pasta and white rock.. oh my favourite.. the cookies and cream pizza

Enjoyed it man
PErth Station taking a train to Fremantle

This is a CLassic Shot of a Joshua

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4 of US :)

pAUl mATT N dAnIeL
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hihi ... met some new friend just now... jut pop by y class to need some help from me.. i am kinda happy in this place.. i enjoy here ... well sad someone else is leaving while i am here.. great company le...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

well just came back from a makan with my dearest daniel and watched Harry Potter before that...well i think it is a show nice to watch but i still like transformers.. it is a shiok show i tell you .,.. it realli rocks man !
well hmm will be uploading some pics i took in schooll and also out with my friends
well got a new camera... suddenyly felt like taking pics... weah .. you will see more pics up liaos!!! yeah !!!

Enjoy guys... you will also be part of it tooo

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dear Joshua Chia's birthday !!!... the Cake was great and so was the company
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Joshua Birthday together at KOPITIAM

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

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Well somethings came to my ear that i felt it was not meant to be in that sense.. i felt very disappointed how the youths nowdays could behave and think the way that person is behaving. well if a persons care and concern for you is just nothing to you. than lets just say i guess this hand of mine is gonna be pulled back. Soon you will find people distanting you, people not coming to your aid, people not giving you the love you need. well when all these comes by. don say i didn't told you about that love that was there. But well life goes on , as disapointing as it mayb i would say. I'lll move on and there are more people for me to care about and i would shower them with 100% of my love . that is the truth.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

  • hey hey i have been enoying myself in school thanks to all those who made it possible.. well till i meet you all again pls take good care of yourself. be good GIRLS and BOYS ... welll yeah !!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

well just found i will be heading to Adelaide from Perth .. well do hope i can stop by to meet any one from perth.. josh or jiejie.. well donno how is the plan gonna be.. but i will surely enjoy the trip one!!! i will miss you guys .. my pride and joy and of coz brothers and paul even my son andrew and john

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

wha it has been long since i have last posted up a letter .. hmm i truely enjoyed that saturday with you all guys man !!! esp those who went.. and i know one thing ...Paul, you are the best, you took care of someone in need and you sacrifice your fun for anothers safety .... hmm well sometimes i am truely happy to have known you ... well the photos posted up are for those people to grab and print out if they want to!!! hahah

i am going back to work liaos... see u all soon

Monday, July 09, 2007

GRoup pic!!! Cant see all

My dear Aloysius.. b4 the whole rally

My Mei mei.. so quiet at the corner...

1st Group photos together
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This Pic is nice!!! hmm Charmaine act cute... but she's always cute mah!!

Taking pic together.. pic looks great

NIce group pic .. weeee.. end of youth rally

nice pic.. whao i love it

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Samantha and me

Grace Girl and ME

Kenneth Dear having his sexy look

Dear Mei and ME!!

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