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Friday, December 21, 2007

just came back from a long but fun day
full of surprise
full of fun
full of many things i cant describe
no strings attached and just pure friendship and fellowsip!
you just have to be here to enjoy the company and friend and this is what xmas is all about
hmm well guys hope you like your presents
for those i didnt pass you
sorry will pass you on xmas eve

Paul : It was great having you back i had a fu time wit you
thank you so much for the food for taking care of me so much
i love you dear. Welcome home though now you in camp
hope to see you tonite

Tessa: OMG! you pulled another stun on me again ! it was really great having you around
even that simple 2 hours was enough
i just donno how to express how i feel. when i saw you just now i just wanna hold you close
keep you safe, don even wanna let you leave me. I know you ran out of house. But lets just say i seriously had fun today and you topped it up with many sugar and spices

Charmaine: Hope your ankles are ok! sorry if i told your mum you bladed. But well most imptly you learnt it and i hope you had loads of fun !!! Hmm not bad 6 hrs and you are done with learning already .. whao .. next time we go east coast park more often ok !!

JJ : hey girl hope you ok ! hmm hope you like your present ! and hope you can wear it! hey girl i know you have problems stopping don worry i will be there as your breaks if you need me to. No matter where you go what you do i wil still b there for you ! I enjoyed the times just blading holding your hands and trying to go faster.. haha! chasing behind you and hmm i guess i fell

Alvin: Hmm well great seeing you around. Thanks for the help while starting off.. omg ! forgottn how to skate ! thanks to you la!!

Jared: hey it was nice seeing your gf again !! hmm had tons of fun with you today too .. Hey like i would always say ! i whole loads of fun with you and your sensible nonsense.

Jacob: Wha piang .. the scariest blader i ever seen.. hmm not so smart one too..
Eh! blade 6 hrs nv warm up piang omg! but do hope you feeling better now hope leggies not so cramp !!

Matthew: I cant catch you immediately when you fall but i would rather teach you how to break fall than to say i am there. of Coz i will be there when you need me .. but anything don keep it to yourself . Hmm but thanks for the surprise. Hope you like the present ! SURPRISE?!?!!!

Joshua: hope you like your present! we shared it for you !!! Hope you had a great time yesterday ! Welfare! great JOB i would say ! HOpe you had a great xmas bbq

Olivia: hey babe! i know you know where you going already in your youth group but still wish you all the best .. well no matter where you go .. there is always a place called home wit us. i'll always remember this day with you the fun and the scary ..cant break cant break olivia! .. well hope this xmas will b a memorable one for you !!

Darius: Hope cycling was fun .. you have been a support for all those bladers around you today !! i have seen it for myself. a Darius that is caring loving to the people around him! If there is any 1 thing i can remember about you today! A Darius who is there for the weak (dono howto blade. or need breakers bladers) ! just as what Christ would do ..

Hey to my babies and darlings, well just like blading in our lives we trip we fall and we hurt ourselves , but we wil all go through this times together . I'll be there by your side when you need me holding you by the hand. At times we will fall but i wil always be there to hold you up.

Natasha /Terence/ xavier/ germaine:
We nv left you , we still love you all alot. Don be sad tt we have another youth group. You wil always be on our minds. I know you were shocked at the new youth group formed, we nv left your side though we are planning for the Testimony of Light. and lastly we still love you alot

I know this is not the 1st time we had our anual gathering but it sure is a fun time
thank you for always putting aside this 1 day in the year where we wil gather to have fun !
to chill out
to just be in the comapny of friends food and hmm drinks!

Daniel: Hey bro big thanks to your mum for me k. Seriously appreciate u share burden with me. and i know one thing .. your friend ricedarn nice le! haha! no joke all my fav food. yeah!! We just nv fail to help out each other. This was the bet xmas gif you can give me!

Amanda: hey girl hope you like your present for both of you ! yeah!! kinky eh!
anyways thanks for all the help in the BBQ we didnt have much interaction like we always do .. but i guess we know in our hearts.. hmm i still love you (shhh daniel you didnt see tt)

Joel: BRother nice seeing you once again. Seriously i miss you alot ! honestly hmm thank you for spaing time to come down to meet up! time has passed but my concern for you and how you are has nv faded. from the time you were sec 2 till now. I still care for you just the same if not but more.

Matthew: hey nice to see you once again dear son! sweet man! you actualli can make it! miss those times we hang out tgt! well hope everything is well and fine for you ! hope you till full eh! anyways you take good care of yourself ! till we meet again
love and hugs to my dearest son!

IAn: Welcome aboard brother! well we have been doing drama for so long and this time offiicial ! whao .. exciting TESTIMONY OF LIGHT! cool eh!

Greg: Welcome aboard too brother! Great sharing with you last night. Next exco meetings we will see you there rite?

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